Lawmakers Tease Sick Bill for Schools – They Want to Push This on Your Kids

Many Democrats, including President Joe Biden, are bent on convincing Americans that Jan. 6, 2021, was the worst day in American history — as bad, or worse, than the Civil War, which claimed the lives of some 620,000 Americans. One might presume that more than two years later, the sensationalism regarding Jan. 6 would have died down, but one would be wrong. Now they want your children to believe them, and they’re going as far as attempting to codify their narrative in state law. According to Just the News, in the most bizarre legislative proposal one can imagine, Pennsylvania state Sen. Art Haywood said that schools in the Keystone State should observe Jan. 6 as a type of holiday. According to a memorandum released by Haywood’s office, the day of observance would be “to ensure our students never forget to honor the courage and sacrifice of the fallen, as well as the bravery of the survivors who defended the nation and Constitution on January 6.” Two other Pennsylvania state lawmakers, Reps. Chris Rabb and Ed Neilson, submitted companion proposals to Haywood’s idea. All three politicians represent Philadelphia districts. “This legislation is about embracing truth and being a country that is actively engaged in fighting systems of oppression,” Rabb said. “This moment demands reconciliation with a clear-eyed and honest assessment of what it will take to get back on the path toward atonement and healing that we so desperately need.” The problem with Rabb’s statement, and the proposal in general, is that they’re based on falsehoods and misinformation. Rabb claims he wants to “embrace the truth,” but in Haywood’s memo, the Capitol incursion is described as if it was an actual battle. “Approximately 9,400 rioters surrounded the U.S. Capitol and clashed with police. Police held their ground, but eventually the rioters broke into the Capitol in no fewer than eight places,” Haywood wrote. Obviously, that’s a complete lie; all one needs is footage of the protest to see that the vast majority of those on hand were not clashing with police or assaulting the Capitol. [firefly_poll] Haywood also cleverly worded his proposal to suggest that law enforcement officers were killed in combat with the violent protesters on that day, which is also false. As Just the News noted, four of the responding officers died by suicide after the Capitol incursion. One of the Capitol Police officers, Brian Sicknick, died several days after the protest, with a medical examiner describing his death as resulting from “natural causes.” The only person who died as a direct result of the Capitol incursion was Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, a protester who was shot and killed inside the Capitol building. Haywood’s asinine idea to use Jan. 6 to indoctrinate children will undoubtedly be met with fierce resistance in Pennsylvania’s GOP-controlled Senate. Sen. Cris Dush made his stance on Jan. 6 crystal-clear this week. “There’s not been one single charge against any of those people for insurrection,” he said. Even if the bill somehow made it through the state legislature, parents would likely strongly object to such a nonsensical holiday. Now that parents have more skin in the game regarding what their children are learning in the classroom, it would be a tall obstacle for state Democrats to overcome. Many social media users reacted harshly to the proposal. If this silly proposal goes any further than a notepad on a woke state senator’s desk, Pennsylvanians, especially parents of schoolchildren, had better take action. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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