The Law Just Caught Up with a Group Accused of Brazenly Ransacking a Nike Store

One of the most famous monologues Batman has ever given in comic books was when he explained why he could never actually kill the Joker, no matter how many lives that might ultimately end up saving. In short, Batman explained that breaking his cardinal rule (no killing, ever) even just once makes it a little easier to justify the next time he breaks his one rule, and it becomes just a little easier to justify each time there on out. That logic is the perfect explanation for the current crime spree sweeping across the country — except in this case, the government is actively encouraging these people to break those nagging rules with soft-on-crime policies. However, all of that government-encouraged lawlessness appears to finally have reached critical mass (surely, it’s got nothing to do with a Democrat incumbent president seeking re-election within 16 months) recently, and a not-so-merry band of alleged thieves in Los Angeles is learning that times may, finally, be changing. According to KTLA-TV, a trio of thieves was tracked down and arrested Wednesday after security footage reportedly showed them ransacking a Nike store. The viral shoplifting incident occurred on Sunday. You can watch the footage of it below:
In the video, you can clearly make out at least one suspect who appears to have a trash bag filled with shoe boxes. You can also see what appears to be a pair of women walking out with stacks of merchandise. The three suspects reportedly made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise. It’s the kind of scene that’s become all too common in Democrat-led cities like Los Angeles, Portland and New York City. It’s also the kind of scene that government officials seemed a little too enthused to look away from in recent years. Well, that page appears to be turning — slowly but surely. Because, whereas in the past, you might expect this group of aforementioned alleged thieves to simply go about with their lives as if shoplifting is little more than a mundane chore, this particular trio might actually face some sort of punishment for their alleged abhorrent behavior. To be fair, given how aggressively stupid these purported criminals appear to be, local law enforcement would be pretty hard-pressed to ignore even this. According to KTLA, a full 72 hours after the Nike incident on Sunday, police spotted the same exact red SUV that the trio had used in the robbery on Wednesday. Yes. These charlatans apparently couldn’t even be bothered to ride around in broad daylight in a different vehicle or even to change its plates after seemingly committing robbery in broad daylight. Worse yet, apparently the same exact car was still filled with purported contraband and potentially stolen goods. If the Democrat plan to stop crime is to make things so easy that even the dumbest of crooks will attempt shoplifting … congratulations? It appears to be working, for whatever Pyrrhic victory that would amount to. For now, as much of a nominal “improvement” as it is, it looks like shoplifting has gotten so bad (at least in Los Angeles) that Democrat-led administrations are finally cracking down on these crimes. You simply cannot allow the inmates to run the asylum. And you unequivocally cannot allow crime to go unabated. Allowing those two things, as Democrats seem determined to do, eats away at the very foundation of civilized society. Again, it would be better if it didn’t take a torturous crime spree to trigger this response, but some response from the law is better than the non-response Californians have been getting. KTLA reported that the incident is still under investigation and the identities of the alleged thieves have not been revealed. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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