Laken Riley’s First Grade Teacher Digs Up Heartbreaking Note Written by the Slain Nursing Student

Laken Riley’s First Grade Teacher Digs Up Heartbreaking Note Written by the Slain Nursing Student

As we learn more about University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley in the wake of her tragic death, a harrowing picture of the human cost of illegal immigration emerges.

On Tuesday, only five days after Riley was slain, her first grade teacher, GinaAnn Carlton Riggs, shared a special note from Riley on her Facebook.

As Riggs explains in her post, “every year” she had her “first graders publish a book” (an exercise most Americans who grew up in public school probably remember fondly).

Sharing a couple pictures from the book, Carlton Riggs explained, “Each student wrote about their future plans. Laken knew from the time she was six years old that she wanted to be a nurse. She SHOULD have been able to be a nurse.”

One of the pictures showed the note Riley had written all those years ago.

In that note Riley wrote, “When I grow up I want to be a nurse because it helps people get better and it looks very fun to help people,” and as we see from her choice of major at UGA, she didn’t waver in that decision.

Carlton Riggs ended that post with the hashtags, “lakenriley” and “sayhername,” and on Thursday, Carlton Riggs shared a picture of herself with six-year-old Riley during Riley’s time in the first grade.

As several commenters noted, this note is absolutely heart-breaking.

Here was a girl dedicated to her chosen career path from childhood, with, based on her note, an immense store of compassion and a desire to help those in need.

It’s an utter tragedy that, not only was she killed so young and so violently, but that the world was robbed of a beautiful and compassionate soul like hers.

But of course, considering the prevalent narrative in the media and in Washington, don’t hold your breath expecting a condemnation of her murder from our useless, senile president or his incompetent VP.

No, while President Joe Biden made sure to be photographed weeping over career criminal George Floyd’s memory and mentioned him 27 times on social media, Riley’s name hasn’t passed his lips once.

Nor has the White House publicly acknowledged her death the same way they did Floyd, Jordan Neely, and even infamous hoaxer Jussie Smollett.


Because her alleged murderer was an illegal immigrant.

Our liberal elites can only acknowledge senseless murders when they’re committed by white men against minorities.

Hence, Floyd and Neely become progressive martyrs, while most of the transgender Nashville school shooter’s manifesto still hasn’t been released to the public.

But Riley’s death matters just as much as theirs — regardless of how politically correct or advantageous it is.

Whether our elites like it or not, many people like Riley have been killed by illegal immigrants who have come into this country.

These victims are not nobodies — they are Americans who deserve the chance to live out their lives.

We shouldn’t let more lives get snuffed out tragically just because Biden refuses to do anything about the border.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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