Kyle Rittenhouse Expertly Dismantles Lib Biden Supporter Calling Him a Domestic Terrorist

A liberal activist took to Twitter to try to smear Kyle Rittenhouse’s name, but Rittenhouse came back at her with an excellent response. On Monday, Erica Marsh — who, according to her Twitter profile, previously worked on the Biden campaign and volunteers for the Obama Foundation — posted, “Kyle Rittenhouse is a domestic terrorist. Do you agree?” First off, we should point out to Marsh that the legal system would beg to differ, as a jury of his peers ruled that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot two men during a Black Lives Matter riot in 2020. But Rittenhouse himself took the occasion to remind Marsh that he took those actions because he “was attacked and forced to use self defense.” He also pointed out that he had no intention of harming or terrorizing anyone, saying, “I didn’t attack anyone which would be a requirement in order to be a domestic terrorist. I wish I had not been attacked and never forced to defend my life.” Rittenhouse was not the only one to jump to his defense. Several others responded to Marsh by reiterating that the shootings were clearly an act of self-defense, and therefore not domestic terrorism. Regardless of what you think of Rittenhouse, it is foolish to label him a domestic terrorist. According to the FBI’s website, domestic terrorism occurs when someone deliberately tries to harm people in order to fulfill some political goal. That is clearly not what happened in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. [firefly_poll] Rittenhouse did not go to Kenosha with the aim of harming people; he went to help guard against rioters. He brought the gun as a precaution as he was headed into a dangerous area — and thank goodness he did. He was forced to use the gun after two of the rioters attacked him and may have potentially killed him. Rittenhouse did exactly what anyone else would have done in that situation, and what he did was completely permissible. The situation is indeed regrettable, but the blame does not lie with Rittenhouse. How anyone can think that what Rittenhouse did in the summer of 2020 amounts to domestic terrorism is rather silly. If anything, it was the actions of the rioters, rather than those of Rittenhouse, that amounted to domestic terrorism. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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