Knifeman’s Rampage Ends with 7 People Dead

Knifeman’s Rampage Ends with 7 People Dead

A knife-wielding man killed at least six people in a Sydney, Australia, shopping mall on Saturday before the attacker was shot dead by a police officer.

According to a report in the Independent, one of the victims killed was Ash Good, 39, whose 9-month-old baby was also a victim in the stabbing.

NBC reported that the baby was “transported to Sydney Children’s Hospital with a pediatric stab wound.”

Police indicated that about nine people were attacked.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Anthony Cooke said a police officer at the mall was alerted to the incident by shoppers.

Cooke said the officer pursued the suspect, who turned and lunged at her. The officer then shot the 40-year-old man to death.

“She took the action, saving a range of people’s lives,” he said.

Police said the attacker was “known to police,” according to the BBC. Other than saying the attack was not terrorism, they have not speculated about a motive.

Rashdan Aqashah, who works at the Bondi Beach shopping center, said some shoppers tried to fight back.

“I saw this one guy fighting with the killer. He was holding the pole, trying to throw a pole at the escalator. It was just in front of our store,” he said.

According to the Independent, two brothers tried to save Good.

“We were just shopping and saw the man run up to the woman with the baby and then we were both ready to go and help out,” one brother said.

“But I just said to my brother, ‘We’ve got to run in’ — [we] ran in, told the guys to lock up the doors and then the mother came with the baby bleeding, stabbed and we got them into the store and just got them safe and then rang for help,” he said.
His brother “helped with holding the baby, and trying to compress the baby, and [the] same with the mother — trying to compress the blood from stopping, and call the ambulance and the police,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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