Does Kim Kardashian Now Identify as a Male? Celebrity Accepts 2023 ‘Man of the Year Award’

Wokeness has reached a whole level of low. A once great magazine dedicated to men’s issues and fashion has devolved into yet another liberal propaganda rag after making Kim Kardashian their 2023 “Tycoon of the Year” among other male celebrities in this year’s “Men of the Year” addition. Actor Jacob Elordi and rapper Travis Scott also received titles in various “Man of the Year” categories.

This is a head-scratching move by the company to say the least. To date, Kardashian did not make any announcement that she identified as a male, but she did drop a post celebrating her accomplishment as “Man of the Year.” Kardashian’s step-father Bruce Jenner, who now goes by as Caitlyn, graced the cover of Vanity Fair and was named Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” in 2015. The biggest difference in Jenner’s move was that he at least claimed to be the gender of the award Glamour was giving out. The Kardashians have already ruined our television watching experience and can now add making a mockery of gendered awards to the list. I mean, what exactly are the Kardashian’s additions to culture, especially that of the male gender? GQ’s article seemed to believe that Kardashian’s biggest contribution to “manhood” is the deal she signed between the NBA and her clothing brand Skims. Now the men in the NBA, and I use that term loosely, can have the confidence that women have when they wear Skims, according to Kardashian. Wow thanks Kardashian! What could manhood have ever done without us feeling confident in our athletic gear at the gym? The rest of Kardashian’s piece in GQ is not even something you should admire, no matter what gender the award is going to. In the GQ article, Kardashian brags how her daughter, North, would scam people she would know at a lemonade stand by charging $20 instead of $2. In fact, the beginning of the piece seems to be more of an ode to Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian, who is most famous for defending football star O.J. Simpson in his murder trial. This is an obvious public relations stunt, but many other magazines will probably now follow suit. We need to look no further than Jenner’s run indirectly leading to the rise of people like Dylan Mulvaney. I find it hard to believe there were absolutely no men that GQ could have given the honor to before deciding to give it to Kardashian. In 2023, billionaire Elon Musk was able to take over Twitter, which was later renamed X. After accomplishing this, Musk exposed government involvement in the censorship practices of X and other social media platforms. What about “Sound of Freedom” centerpiece Tim Ballard? The former intelligence officer helped produce a low budget movie into a blockbuster success around the world. The movie was seen by millions to raise money and awareness for the epidemic of human trafficking in the world. Should that get some consideration? The American empire can’t even begin to feel like it should last if we can’t get a grip of one simple universal truth: Men can’t be women, and women can’t be men. When these awards are given out so frivolously, it waters down the true meaning. GQ sent a message to all men that all it takes to be a man is signing lucrative business deals. What kind of message does that send to the men who get up every single day and work hard to provide for their wife and kids? The American media spends every day trying to beat down the American man as toxic and unwanted in society. Yet, we hear complaining about how all the good men have gone missing. Unless we see a major change soon, it looks like GQ may have put the last shovel of dirt on the grave of American masculinity.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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