Kim Jong Un Changes Up Wardrobe with Unexpected Attire and Social Media Absolutely Loses It

You would think an isolated dictator toying with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles would be a source of great concern, even dread. It’s different with Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. Despite the dangers posed by his communist regime, Kim is the target of much internet mockery. As North Korea has increased missile tests, the unusual outfit Kim wore while he observed the launches generated more social media comments than the possibility of tactical nuclear strikes. Kim’s usual wardrobe consists of a black-over-black Mao suit. The images, which came out Monday, showed Kim sporting what appeared to be a loose-fitting white shirt and a straw hat. Fox News described the ensemble as a “white tunic and a safari-style hat.” It was an incongruous look for a despot making implied threats against global stability. North Korea’s state media declared the exercises were about practicing wiping out targets in the United States and South Korea, and warned the tests would continue. North Korea had to retreat from such aggression while Donald Trump was president. Trump openly mocked Kim as “Rocketman,” yet still made the greatest strides in diplomatic relations with North Korea in decades. Kim halted the missile launches and took part in historic peace talks. The relationship hit a promising peak in June 2019, when Trump and Kim met at the Korean border, and Trump became the first sitting U.S.  president to enter North Korea. All that progress was squandered by the Biden administration. North Korea’s recent display of aggression is just one of the world-wide deteriorating situations happening on Biden’s watch. Now the North Koreans are back to unpredictably flinging armaments around, while Kim’s strange clothing makes him seem detached from the seriousness of the situation. At least Twitter had some fun with the disconnect between Kim’s new image and the tension he’s causing. Tubohm imagined Kim in the role of a social media influencer. Jay Tea was reminded of another would-be tyrannical boss: Boss Hogg. Lee Radziwill declared Kim a “Coastal Grandmother Icon.”   Bring Back Napster suggested Kim was influenced by a classic blockbuster.   Cherie Russell posted a disturbingly similar image from a not-so-classic film.   CNN offered a counter take on Kim’s outlandish look. Instead of being out of sync with the environment, they suggested the change in clothes was a sign of “swagger.” In an interview, Bruce Klingner, a Heritage Foundation senior research fellow for northeast Asia, said the unusual garb was meant as a showy power gesture by Kim. “He’s showing he’s bold, and he’s proud, and he’s involved in this. The tactical nuclear weapons program is his.” I suppose Kim believes any clothes can look tough when you have a nuclear arsenal to back you up. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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