Kid Responds to Highly Sexualized Drag Show With Single Devastating Word

Want your kids to get a taste of the decadent and depraved side of the holiday season? Well, then there’s nothing that says Christmas quite like an all-ages drag show. I mean, it’s going to be explicit, but at least they’ll tone it down knowing the under-18 set is in attendance — right? Not if photos and videos out of the “Drag Queen Christmas” show from Austin, Texas this past Wednesday, which surfaced on Twitter, are anything to go on. In what was billed as the eighth consecutive event of its kind by its organizers, Murray & Peter, the Moody Theater was filled with “your favorite queens performing live on stage,” they boasted online. The event was publicized on social media by independent journalist Tayler Hansen, who called it “a blatantly sexualized show meant to groom children.” So, let’s dispense with this formality before we commence: Your stomach must be at least 600 percent stronger than the average person’s to survive this vile attraction. This is not safe for work — unless, of course, you’re some of Sam Brinton’s leftover staffers cleaning out the fired Department of Energy official’s office. (And looking for any additional purloined luggage while you’re at it.)

WARNING: The following photos and videos contain graphic footage that some viewers will find offensive.

The first drag performer highlighted by Hansen “paraded around with his ‘t*** in a box’ and shook his buttocks for the crowd,” he tweeted. “At one point the Drag Queen said “are you reaching for my t***ies are you hungry” to a child in the audience,” he added. “Throughout the Drag Queen talking he had multiple people spank him.” Then came what was perhaps the lowlight (which is really saying something) of the sub-Weimar display: a skit titled “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer.” “In this performance they simulated sex countless times, sexualized a child’s story, including Santa, and had sexual videos playing in the background,” Hansen noted. However, the key moment came when one of the drag queens paused to interview a kid in the audience. In the clip — which can be seen at the bottom-right — the drag queen tells the kid that he’s “major, do you know that? You’re epic. You’re huge. It’s awesome that you’re here tonight. Thank you for being here.” Ally points! So, what did the kid like most about the show? “Nothing,” he said, when asked by the drag queen. You and me both, pal. Just for your anti-edification, here’s some of the other “festivities” that took place in Austin: But remember: Up until a few weeks ago, calling these displays “grooming” or those involved “groomers” was a ticket for a quick trip to Twitter jail. Never forget that, when it came to taking sides in whether children ought to be presented with this filth, the ancien régime at Twitter went with the groomers — and insisted that the rest of us didn’t call them what they were. Beyond the ordure, however, there’s a point to be made about the younger people in attendance — and what one of them had to say about it. Perhaps I’m out of touch with the youth. Perhaps the kids have dropped Transformers and Pokemon for RuPaul. However, I don’t hear many stories of tweens and teens telling their parents they want to go to a drag show for Christmas. No 9-year-old is telling their parent or guardian that they really can’t miss this year’s performance of “Screwdolph the Red Nippled Reindeer.” No, it’s the parents that are taking their children to these overtly sexual events under the guise of “tolerance” and “inclusivity.” They see no issues here. Those with the issues are the conservatives who think that maybe, just maybe, they’re screwing their kids up. And the kids? Would they rather be at the show or playing Xbox? Well, any kid could find something to like about playing video games, right? Meanwhile, listen to what the “major,” “brave,” “epic” kid said he liked about the drag show: “Nothing.” One word speaks volumes. And yet, the drag performers and their defenders insist that the kids just love being exposed to this hyper-sexualized dross. OK, groomers. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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