Kari Lake Steps Up to Help Families Suffering Under Bidenflation This Christmas

Kari Lake Steps Up to Help Families Suffering Under Bidenflation This Christmas

Call it a one-two punch from Arizona senatorial candidate Kari Lake: collecting toys for needy Arizona families and torpedoing President Joe Biden’s administration for its handling of inflation at the same time.

Lake — the 2022 GOP gubernatorial standard-bearer in the state and the 2024 front-runner to represent the Republicans in what will likely be a three-way race to determine who takes independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s seat — is one of many public figures running toy drives this Christmas season.

However, the former news anchor-turned-politician made it clear just why so many families will be hurting when it comes to putting toys under the tree in 2023.

In a recorded message posted to social media on Monday, Lake emphasized that “while it’s a time for joy and celebration, we also have to acknowledge that it’s going to be a harder one for our families than it was in years previously.

“Joe Biden’s economy is making it increasingly tough for families to put food on the table, gas in the car and put presents under the Christmas tree,” Lake said in the message.

Thus, she emphasized, “in these difficult times, it’s important that we come together and give back to our community.”

“Every one of these toys will go to help ease the burden on hardworking Arizona families and help bring a smile to a precious child’s face,” she added.

The event was held at Handlebar J, a BBQ restaurant and bar in Scottsdale that has hosted other events for Lake in the past.

And, would it be a proper Christmas toy event without that right jolly old elf himself? I think not:

Sadly, St. Nick isn’t going to be able to handle inflation with just a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer, no matter how hard the folks at the North Pole are working this Christmas. In the White House, of course, they could be doing something about it — but, at this point, Joe Biden has been reduced to tacitly threatening companies who raise prices on social media.

That last part isn’t a joke, sadly. Here’s our president just after Thanksgiving shaking his digital fist at the dog-faced pony-soldier corporations making his economic policies look bad during the holiday season:

And let us be clear about inflation coming down: While the numbers are nowhere near the sky-high inflation rates we saw in 2022, those price shocks are still built into the American economy — and the inflation rate still remains well above the Federal Reserve’s target rate, no matter how many times Grandpa Joe’s social media interns go on X/Twitter and accuse American companies of “price gouging.”

Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the Consumer Price Index was up 3.2 percent in October — a smaller number than the 3.7 percent in September, but that was aided by easing energy prices, which largely has to do with seasonal variations in consumption.

And, according to data from the National Christmas Tree Association, reported by Fox Business last month, the cost of even putting a tree up has risen 10 percent from 2022, with average trees now costing American families between $80 to $100.

There’s only so much Kari Lake and Santa Claus can do right now to help struggling families fight inflation. The current president can do a lot more, but “Bidenomics” precludes it from happening. Perhaps the best Christmas present American families can receive in 2024, therefore, is a new president and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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