Joy Behar Accidentally Admits Reason for Trump Witch Hunt: ‘The Law Must Defeat Him’

Joy Behar Accidentally Admits Reason for Trump Witch Hunt: ‘The Law Must Defeat Him’

The sun came up this morning.

But you knew that.

And Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” said the law is being used for the sole purpose of keeping Donald Trump from returning to the presidency.

You probably knew that, too. The only surprise is leftists like Behar are finally admitting it.

“The law must defeat him,” Behar said on X in a response to former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois who said legal foundations upon which the Colorado Supreme Court decided to ban Trump from being on the Colorado primary ballot are vague.

Walsh, himself a former presidential candidate, created a post on Dec.19, which he said no one would like.

“1. I think Trump committed insurrection, but he hasn’t been convicted of insurrection yet. So this doesn’t seem right,” Walsh wrote.

“2. Because this ‘insurrectionist ban’ is vague, untested, & may not even apply to the presidency, SCOTUS should & will unanimously (9-0) overrule this decision,” Walsh continued.

“3. What the Colorado Supreme Court just did will strengthen Trump politically.

“4. The best and ONLY way to defeat Trump is at the ballot box, not to kick him off the ballot. Defeat him at the ballot box. That’s what’s best for the country,” Walsh concluded.

While wrong on claims of insurrection on the part of Trump, Walsh is correct in calling for the ballot box as the only way to resolve anyone’s problems with the former president.

Behar was having none of it.

“Joe, the ballot box can’t compete with the third party candidates who will take votes from Joe Biden,” Behar posted.

“And let us not forget the electoral college,” she wrote. “The law must defeat him.”

Did you get that?

Election results like those stemming from third party candidates cannot be tolerated. And the electoral college must not be allowed to run the course the Founders intended.

Rather “the law” (actually the courts top-heavy with Democrats) must be used to choose a president.

As a result, the “democracy” leftists tout must only be allowed when they say so.

Rightfully, Behar was buried in negative online responses regarding her admission. “Save democracy by using the courts to eliminate a candidate!’ — is an odd take” was one sarcastic comment quoted by Fox News.

Leftists, of course, are presenting a continuous chant that a returning President Trump will be a dictator. That seemed to be the theme of another of Behar’s online critics.

“I love it when you people expose who you are,” the critic said. “You are everything you fear in Trump. Keep posting. It builds the #WalkAway movement. Thanks again. It was people like you that made me dig deeper and see the lies.”

“A small group of appointed officials must choose the next leader of this nation for us. For democracy,” another critic posted.

Even as they blast him, indict him, keep people from voting for him, and raid his home to look through his wife’s clothing, the left seems to be only accomplishing one thing — uniting more people behind Trump.

Maybe Behar coming right out with the truth gives credence to the phony slogan of The Washington Post – “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

That’s because whether she intended it or not, Behar has shown us some light about how the left defines democracy.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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