John Kerry Snaps at Reporter Confronting Him at Davos: ‘That’s a Stupid Question’

John Kerry Snaps at Reporter Confronting Him at Davos: ‘That’s a Stupid Question’

Is it a crime when elites tell the plebes to do something and then do the opposite? More often than not, it’s at least a crime of conscience. If crimes of conscience were punishable by law, there’d be a prison overflowing with global elites.

To illustrate this already obvious point, one only needs to look to John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, who jets around the world and then scolds people for destroying the planet.

Kerry got miffed on Tuesday while attending the World Economic Forum —  the party of the year for globalist elites — when a reporter from Rebel News, Avi Yemini, confronted him about the size of his carbon footprint.

“What’s the carbon footprint of these events every single year that you come here?” Yemini asked. Kerry — a Democrat, former secretary of state and ex-presidential candidate (read global elitist) — was walking the streets of Davos, Switzerland, where the WEF is headquartered.

“Do you think it’s worth it?” the reporter prodded. “Peasants pay for your crimes?” I’m not sure what crime Yemini was referring to, maybe raping and pillaging the earth while untold masses wonder where their next meal is coming from.

Yenini, posted the exchange on X with the caption, “CRAZY RAW FOOTAGE: John Kerry’s goons pounce after the US Special Presidential Envoy for CLIMATE found it difficult to justify his carbon footprint in attending the World Economic Forum each year in Davos.”

Kerry’s response was typical for a radical progressive (read global elitist). “That’s a stupid question,” Kerry said, employing the tried and true technique of attacking the man and not the argument. A stupid question must have come from a stupid person, right?

A woman walking with Kerry then told Yemini, “We are done. We are done now,” and pulled the reporter to the back.

“You can’t grab me,” Yemini complained.  “You can’t grab us. This is a free society, mate. We have freedom of the press.”

The reporter made his way back to Kerry and asked the central question we all want to know the answer to: “Why do you think you’re more important?”

“Your carbon footprint doesn’t matter but everybody else around the world …”

Kerry’s reply after a few fumbled words, “Don’t make up stupid questions.” Another jab with the old, “You’re stupid because I’m smart.”

And then Kerry seemed to go on the defensive. Global elitists can’t stand not having the last word. “And I have done a huge amount …”

The burly woman walking with Kerry then interrupted Yemini again.

What was Kerry going to brag about doing? He may have been gearing up to talk about “carbon offsets,” the option given to many unsuspecting airline passengers to spend more money on tickets that will then purportedly reduce the climate impacts of air flights.

How would paying more for an airplane ticket reduce climate change, you dare to ask? Carbon offsets, according to The Washington Post, help fund programs that may reduce an equivalent amount of emissions.

The problem is that carbon offsets are most likely another green energy scam. Even climate advocates know this, according to the Post.

In one example, when the airline Lufthansa introduced a “green fare” to offset carbon emissions, it was criticized for lulling passengers into “a false sense of security,” according to the U.K.-based Independent.

Flight Free UK wasn’t on board with Lufthansa, posting the following to social media: “Lufthansa is introducing a new Green(washing) Fare. So if you’re worried about aviation emissions, don’t be! You can just pay a little bit extra and it all magically goes away.”

Right. Just like John Kerry wanted the Rebel News reporter to magically go away. Carbon offsets sound nice — just as all “Save the Earth” greenwashing scams do — but, as my grandpa used to say, “Saying ain’t doing.”

If Kerry was going to say something other than carbon offsets, it would amount to the same thing — hot air coming out of a politician’s mouth. I wonder what John Kerry has accomplished in his tenure as Climate Czar. The weather still seems to be changing.

If you’re wondering where Kerry might be jetting off to next, there are reports that the 80-year-old is giving up his position as Climate Czar to help 81-year-old Joe Biden in his effort to be re-elected as president, according to the Washington Examiner.

Klaus Schwab, founder and leader of the WEF, is 85. Maybe the global elite octogenarians can all get together on a fast plane to nowhere and build a prison for themselves for crimes against common sense.

But that would be too easy. It’d be like magic.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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