Joe Biden Will Be Replaced in 2024, And I Know Who Will Take His Place: Author

Yet another knowledgeable voice is bringing up the possibility of former first lady Michelle Obama being the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee. Must be a day that ends in “y.” The idea goes like this: Joe Biden is eminently unfit for another term. He’s also neck and neck in the polls with a man who has four criminal indictments hanging over his head. (That’s not a knock against former President Donald Trump given how spurious those indictments are. It’s just meant to showcase how unpopular Biden is.) Given the paucity of electable Democrats — and, no, Vice President Kamala Harris is decidedly not one of them — what should the blue team do? Start eyeing new candidates for 2024. While California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s name has been bandied about as one potential heir to the throne, everyone knows that a straight white man does not check nearly enough boxes for the far-left. Enter Michelle Obama. The former first lady has been a dark-horse pick to replace Biden on the 2024 ticket. And in a seemingly bizarre twist, it’s the conservative wing of American politics that’s most loudly raising this possibility. Roger Stone, Newt Gingrich and even The Western Journal’s own Floyd Brown have all predicted that Michelle Obama could be the next Democratic presidential nominee. You can now add author and Michelle Obama biographer Joel Gilbert to that list. [firefly_poll] Gilbert, who wrote the 2022 book “Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power,” recently appeared on the “Real America’s Voice” network and explained why he thinks Barack Obama could soon be a “first gentleman.” “I think there’s something going on in Obama world,” Gilbert said.
The author made mention of the scandalous stories about Barack that have surfaced recently — you know, the ones suggesting the 44th president loved making love to men. As wild as those claims are, it’s not like painting Obama as gay would hurt him in any way with the left — in fact, it would likely only help him. So why are these stories emerging roughly a year before the 2024 election? Simply put, it may all be part of the plan. “Michelle has been pretty much copying Barack Obama’s path to the White House,” Gilbert said. He then rattled off a number of examples, including how Barack ran a voter registration group before running for president. Michelle has her Soros-funded “When We All Vote” organization now. Gilbert noted that Barack penned two autobiographies leading up to his presidential run, and Michelle has put out a pair of autobiographical books, including one last year. Finally, Gilbert pointed out that Barack introduced John Kerry at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and Michelle introduced Biden in 2020. It should be noted that as recently as November 2022, Michelle has vociferously denied having any interest in returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But that was a whole Barack-loves-gay-sex scandal ago. So will the 2024 Democratic ticket read “Obama”? This writer doesn’t think it’ll happen — but there’s clearly a growing contingent of intelligent people who do. And that means something. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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