Joe Biden Gets Smoked for ‘Pro-Insurrection and Pro-America’ Statement

Joe Biden Gets Smoked for ‘Pro-Insurrection and Pro-America’ Statement

For an incumbent president as deeply unpopular as Joe Biden is, you would think he would try to avoid making toxic and unnecessarily divisive statements on social media.

You would think wrong.

The day before Jan. 6, a day which apparently still lives in infamy for many leftists, Biden took to social media platform X and posted from the official @POTUS account.

You can take a look at the simple — and perhaps simple-minded — post below:

“You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-America,” Biden posted.

And if you needed any proof that this offhand remark struck a nerve, look at the sheer volume of comments under that post.

As of this publication, that X post has over 28,000 comments.

A typical Biden X post will garner thousands of comments — not tens of thousands — so this clearly made X users feel some way.

A glance at those 28,000-plus comments showed a number of X users blasting Biden for his apparent lack of knowledge regarding the founding of the United States.

“Whoever is posting from Bidens account would have called the Founding Fathers insurrectionists,” conservative content creators the Hodge twins said in response.

“What are America’s Founders for $500 Alex,” journalist Matt Couch posted, in reference to the beloved game show “Jeopardy!”

Even the libertarians piled on Biden for his X post.

“Why is July 4th an American holiday?” a sect of libertarians asked.

Arizona libertarians, meanwhile, simply posted a picture depicting the American Revolution, and included a biting caption:

“Tell us more, American history understander,” the group posted.

And those are just a sampling of the 28,000 responses posted.

While many of those responses are not fit for print, they do all echo a similar sentiment: The left’s obsession with Jan. 6 is blinding them to basic history.

Look, however much mileage you may get from what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol is largely going to be dependent on your ideological leanings.

In an ironic twist, the left tries to both condemn the event and cling to it like a national holiday, while conservatives have largely condemned the manner in which the left is trying to weaponize the event against them.

That all being said, as any student who has taken fifth-grade United States history can tell you, the core conceit of this country’s founding was based on a group of Americans fed up with the political status quo.

And those Founding Fathers didn’t meekly go into the night — they started a literal war. That’s something that the left so wishes the right had done on Jan. 6, but they simply didn’t.

This is obviously not to equate Jan. 6 with the circumstances that founded this country, but more to point out that Biden’s lack of basic understanding regarding American history is just the latest in a long line of reasons that he may actually be the worst U.S. president ever.

You didn’t need a vapid Jan. 6 X post to remind you of that, but it’s a sobering reminder nonetheless.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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