Joe Biden Blasted for Obvious Problem in Video of Him Ordering a Bacon Cheeseburger

President Joe Biden was lambasted on Twitter over an embarrassing video he posted that showed him ordering food over the phone. In the video, which Biden shared on Wednesday in celebration of “over 10 million new small business applications during [his] presidency,” the president used the phone in the Oval Office to order a bacon cheeseburger from a restaurant called Ghostburger for his weekly lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris. The call was meant to look like a complete surprise to the employees of Ghostburger. Thus, Biden ended the tweet by saying, “I may’ve caught Brittany off guard.” But people responding to the tweet were quick to point out that this was obviously planned. The employees were caught off guard by the call and cameras just happened to be there to capture it? Obviously, some coordination took place between the White House and Ghostburger in order for the video to be made. Not to mention, according to Starr Wright USA, all food eaten by the president needs to be prepared under the supervision of the Secret Service, meaning that agents had to be present at the restaurant in order to ensure the burger was safe for Biden to eat. Other Twitter users blasted Biden for posting a light-hearted video about a cheeseburger with inflation at record levels. The economy is in shambles and prices are soaring, and Biden thinks that can all be pushed aside because he ordered a cheeseburger to support a small business. Also, Biden brags about the fact that the number of small businesses has grown under his administration, but that is not because of anything he did. The end of the COVID pandemic means that thousands of Americans who lost their jobs due to the lockdowns are returning to work and jobs are coming back. The growth of small businesses merely happens to coincide with Biden’s presidency; it is not due to it. This video was obviously a staged attempt to make Biden’s failing presidency look good. In his attempt to appear friendly and relatable, Biden showed just how out of touch he is with the American people. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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