Joe Biden Accused of Facilitating ‘Genocide’ by Members of His Own Party While His Support Tanks

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was in the Middle Ages. The Muslims are clearly expanding their influence and it seems like the West is under siege. What next? A Crusade? Who would have thought that after Hamas launched a brutal campaign of butchery and moral depravity against Israel on Oct. 7 there would be people in the United States accusing President Biden of “genocide” of Palestinians in supporting Israel’s right to defend itself? And it’s not just anybody hurling the accusations. Woke Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan is one of them, according to the Washington Post. And she’s stirring up support from the public on social media. Tlaib posted a video on social media with the caption, “the majority of the American people are not with you on this one.” She doesn’t care if it’s true or not. The images on the clip — throngs of people protesting in favor of Hamas by way of Palestinian sympathizers  — are designed to provoke emotional responses in her befuddled social media followers.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage that some may find disturbing . 

The video starts by showing apparent footage of bombings and bloody scenes from the conflict. This sets up what amounts to a rhetorical flourish for Tlaib, “Mr. President, the American people are not with you on this one. … We will remember in 2024.” At the end of the clip comes the punchline, “Joe Biden supported the genocide of the Palestinian people. The American people won’t forget. … Biden, support a cease-fire now … or don’t count on us in 2024.” I’m not sure what Tlaib means by the “American people,” because a Quinnipiac poll conducted from Oct. 12 – 16 showed that 76 percent of Americans are in favor of the U.S. supporting Israel. Tlaib’s own party is divided. Democrat extraordinaire and former House speaker Nancy Pelosi “defended her party’s strong support of Israel’s counterattack on Hamas” while “pushing back against recent dissent among some of her party’s voters and protesters outside her San Francisco home,” according the Washington Post. It’s no surprise that the Biden administration is waffling on the issue. They seem to be for Israel and for Hamas at the same time. Biden the warmonger argues for aid to Israel and Ukraine, while peacemaker Secretary of State Antony Blinken goes to Israel to urge a ceasefire, according to the New York Post. Talk about mixed messages. The Democrats are clearly in disarray. Overall, Democrats’ sympathies have shifted to Palestinians for the first time, reported Gallup. “After a decade in which Democrats have shown increasing affinity toward the Palestinians, their sympathies in the Middle East now lie more with the Palestinians than the Israelis, 49% versus 38%.” Independents have shifted as well. “Sympathy toward the Palestinians is also at a new high among political independents, up six points to 32%. However, more independents still lean toward the Israelis (49%).” Meanwhile, “Biden’s support among Arab-Americans cratered to a mere 17% after he came out in favor of backing Israel,” according to a poll commissioned by the Arab American Institute. Interestingly, “40% of respondents said they would vote for former President Donald Trump, 13.7% said they would support Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 3.8 said they would support far-left candidate Cornel West, and 25.1% said they weren’t sure whom they would back,” reported the New York Post. What is a waffler to do? The Waffler in Chief doesn’t know how to stand on principle — and it’s too late to learn how now — so he has to rely on polls that seem to suggest he’s damned no matter what he does. Maybe he should just go eat worms. Whatever the case, Democrats are becoming increasingly radical and increasingly anti-Western in their support in the Middle East.  Maybe that’s why 40 percent of Arab-Americans said they’d vote for Trump. They’re Americans first, the good old e plurbis unum — out of many, one.
    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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