Jimmy Fallon Says He Had to Tell Biden to Stop Talking to the Easter Bunny: ‘People Are Going to Think You’re Crazy’

Jimmy Fallon Says He Had to Tell Biden to Stop Talking to the Easter Bunny: ‘People Are Going to Think You’re Crazy’

Sometimes, a joke can hit a little too close to the truth.

On Monday, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

While discussing one of her grandkid’s fascination with the Easter Bunny, Hillary admitted that the Easter Bunny at the White House Easter Egg Roll was usually a “member of the staff that draws the short straw.”

Fallon responded with a story about having attended the Easter Egg Roll at the White House last year.

“So they had the same thing — nice Easter Bunny walking around. I think it was one of President Biden’s assistants,” he said.

“And he’s talking to the bunny, like it’s their assistant. He’s like, ‘So anyway, blah blah blah,’ and I go, ‘Hey stop talking to this bunny, people are going to think that you’re crazy!” Fallon said.

“No one knows that that’s your assistant. Everyone thinks that the president is talking to the Easter Bunny,” Fallon continued, adding, “So stop doing it!”

Of course, Fallon wasn’t suggesting that Biden thought he was actually talking to the Easter Bunny — although he has been known to think he talks to dead people, so who knows — but we’ve seen time and time again how reliant Biden is on his aides.

For instance, during a campaign stop in Michigan in March, Biden asked his aides for permission to “take a couple of questions” only to be ignored by his team, who promptly shooed all the reporters away.

It’s not that far-fetched to assume that at the Easter Egg Roll, Biden was asking the Easter Bunny what he was supposed to do.

“I mean, you can imagine what Trump would do with that, right?” Hillary said in response to Fallon’s Easter Bunny story.

At that, Fallon hit the table as if he just remembered something.

“And he did! He did do it, yeah,” he responded.

Hillary and Fallon were likely remembering Easter 2022 when it looked like Biden was being directed away from the crowd by the Easter Bunny during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

According to Business Insider, Trump later mocked the footage at a rally in Ohio, saying, “Our country’s going to hell. [Biden’s] shaking hands with the air. He’s walking around somewhat bewildered — I’d say it’s no good — and taking orders from the Easter Bunny.”

“No sense of humor, no sense of humor at all,” Clinton said, likely referring to that event.

“I mean, come on, they were telling jokes,” she said.

Fallon, however, did not look so sure, quickly changing the subject.

That’s probably because, as he admitted to Clinton, he had been worried about the optics of Biden and the Easter Bunny, too.

It sounded like the kind of story you would share with your cousins about a favorite uncle who is slowly “losing it.”

You make excuses, laugh, and call him a “jokester,” “cute,” and “funny.”

But at the back of your mind, you know it’s time to take the car keys away.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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