‘He’s Jim Jordan with a Jacket and a Smile’: MSNBC Reporter Melts Down Over New Speaker

The progressives are about as creative as termites mindlessly eating away at the Constitution. It’s pretty bad when one of their tired insults sounds more like a compliment. Take the case of MSNBC reporter Ali Vitali. She looked like she was about to blow a gasket Wednesday while ranting about Louisianan GOP Rep. Mike Johnson being elected as the speaker of the House. “He’s Jim Jordan with a jacket and a smile,” Vitali told Nicolle Wallace, host of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.” It sounds like a compliment, right? It wasn’t meant to be. For Democrat lawmakers — that’s who MSNBC hosts and their ilk take orders from — Johnson is among the worst of the congressional Republicans. Why? Because in 2020, he “sent an email from a personal email account to every House Republican soliciting signatures for an amicus brief in the longshot Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate electoral college votes from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” CNN reported at the time. The Supreme Court, saying Texas lacked the standing to file the lawsuit, declined to hear the case. You can see where this is all headed. It’s nothing new. As far as the left is concerned, Johnson is an election denier and therefore must be crucified by the media. Wallace started the segment Wednesday by declaring the new speaker is “way outside the mainstream” on numerous issues, including “democracy.” “That’s something that when you actually start parsing through the policy comes through very clearly, that this is someone who maybe without the publicity and fanfare is certainly working in lockstep on the same ideological and ethos ideas that people like Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise have been talking about over the course of the last several years,” Vitali fumed. “He just hasn’t been doing it as often on Fox News,” she said. Get it? Johnson might be worse than even Donald Trump as far as the left is concerned. He’s soft-spoken, well-dressed, an expert on the Constitution and a decidedly devout Christian. No mean tweets from Mike Johnson. He’s SuperTrump in a Clark Kent disguise. Vitali was working up to the crescendo. “The conversation that you and I were having was that it’s part and parcel to the Republican conference platform in the House right now to have anti-small-D democratic values, and so it shouldn’t be striking that the person they put up for this job maybe wasn’t cited all over the Jan. 6 report, though there is at least one mention of him in there, but instead, he’s someone who simply provided some of the attempted rationale for how to overturn an election,” she huffed. And there you have it. Johnson is part of the Jan. 6, 2021, wild bunch who tried to overthrow the government by filing an amicus brief. The horror. The Louisiana congressman won the speaker roll by a 220-209 vote in the House of Representatives. That means the Republicans are now unified. No more bickering. Get on the floor, take the vote, get off the floor, new speaker. By the numbers. What fiends. “I know some people might say it’s in the past, but certainly Jan. 6 and 2020 loom so large over this building every single day,” Vitali lamented. [firefly_poll] “And now you have someone in the presidential line of succession who helped with that rationale in a key way that Republican members of Congress were using his legal bases that were, of course, flimsy and nonconstitutional, but were trying to use them as their rationale for why they voted against certifying the election results — I think that’s extremely striking and speaks to where the party is right now,” she said. Thanks for the non-lesson on the Constitution, Ms. Viatli. If I remember correctly, Speaker Johnson is the expert in constitutional law, not you. What makes her and the entire left really afraid is that Johnson is a smart guy with rock-solid Christian values. He’s an authentic conservative, and he’s now third in line for the presidency. Even worse — and Vitiali almost said it out loud — the Republicans, as a party, are unified behind Johnson. Will it last? Who knows? Let’s pray that it does. Those on the left will beat their Jan. 6 narrative hype to death just like they did the Russian collusion hoax. They don’t know what else to do except wait for the next crisis — manufactured or not — to exploit. Whether it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia!” or “Mike Johnson is an insurrectionist!” you can bet mainstream media all will be telling the same story and working themselves into a cowhearted frenzy while doing it. Any day now, I expect, the left, as a collective, will suffer a simultaneous nervous breakdown. Until then, they’re as dangerous as a colony of ravenous termites in the frame of a wooden house. That’s pretty dangerous. If we’re not careful the mindless devourers will have us in World War III.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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