Jill Biden’s Press Sec Forced Out of WH After Overseas Trip Where He Was Up to No Good: Report

Jill Biden’s Press Sec Forced Out of WH After Overseas Trip Where He Was Up to No Good: Report

“Trans flashers, twerking mascots, cocaine cubbies, tax cheats, first family love child, gay porn videos, dog bites and cross-dressing nuke gurus who steal luggage at airports.”

No, this is not a new verse for the 1989 song “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

It’s what Fox News host Jesse Watters calls “an orgy of blackmail opportunity” against the White House… “and it just happened again.”

Watters reported Thursday that “Dr. Jill Biden’s press secretary was forced to resign for inviting strange foreign men into his hotel room during last year’s NATO summit.”

According to White House insiders who spoke to the Daily Mail, Michael LaRosa, who resigned in July 2022, committed serious security breaches and engaged in concerning behavior during his tenure as the first lady’s press secretary.

The sources said LaRosa tried to bring dates to his room on a secure floor of the hotel where President Joe Biden was staying during the NATO summit in Madrid.

“He was caught by Secret Service not once, but twice,” one senior staffer said.

It should go without saying that bringing unvetted guests into secure areas puts the safety of the first family at risk, especially at an international summit on foreign soil, which, as Watters put it, is “already swimming with spies.”

“This is Espionage 101,” Watters said.

The hotel incident appears to have been the final straw for LaRosa. “It was made clear to him that it was time for him to leave,” a senior staffer told the Mail.

LaRosa admitted to trying to bring one man to his room — a man he said he met at the summit who worked for another NATO delegation — but denied trying it twice.

He maintains he left the White House on good terms for a private sector job. (According to the Mail, he now also makes “regular appearances” on CNN and MSNBC.)

Jill Biden’s current press secretary refuted LaRosa’s account, saying his “characterization about his time at the White House is wildly inaccurate.”

The sources also said LaRosa would “disappear from work” for hours at a time, blow up at colleagues, and leak information about the White House to the media.

For instance, during a surprise trip to Ukraine, he tipped off reporters to Jill Biden’s movements, “putting the entire trip, operation, staff, [and] First Lady’s security at risk,” a White House official said.

Although the official said LaRosa had admitted to the breach in protocol, he denied it to the Mail, saying, “As proven, nothing was ever leaked out.”

The White House used to be a place of respect — a place, if you were lucky enough to visit, where you talked in hushed tones to reverence the halls that have housed some of the greatest men and women in the history of this nation.

But, as the list that Watters rattled off at the beginning of his monologue proves, it has now become a den of debauchery.

From men flashing their synthetic breasts to cocaine whose origins seem impossible to trace, the Biden administration has degraded the White House into a house of ill repute.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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