‘Jesus Revolution’ Nearly Doubles Box Office Total Since Opening Weekend

In just one week, the surprise hit “Jesus Revolution” nearly doubled its box office total ticket sales from $15.8 million to $30.5 million. A double blessing seems to be a theme with the film about the Jesus movement in the late 1960s and 1970s, when hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, came to faith in Christ. During its opening weekend, the movie more than doubled industry estimates at the box office. In fact, “Jesus Revolution” enjoyed such a successful opening last weekend following its Feb. 24 release that the studio that produced the film announced last week that it would be in 100 additional theaters this past weekend. The Kingdom Story Co. posted on its Facebook page Thursday, “We’ve added 100 new theaters for this weekend!! The audience reaction has blown us all away, and we’re thrilled to be bringing JESUS REVOLUTION to more cities!” “Jesus Revolution” opened in 2,475 theaters and played in 2,575 theaters last weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. It said the film’s total ticket sales after 10 days were $30.5 million, which included approximately $14.7 million since its opening three days. [firefly_poll] The film’s budget was $15 million, so it is a solid hit for Kingdom Story and the film’s distributor, Lionsgate, Collider reported. After coming in at No. 3 at the box office its first weekend, “Jesus Revolution” was No. 5 overall this past weekend, with the newly released “Creed III” taking the top spot. Moviegoers gave “Jesus Revolution” an A+ CinemaScore rating and a 99 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though critics gave it mixed reviews at 61 percent. According to The Baptist Paper, co-director and co-writer Jon Erwin talked about the film’s impressive opening weekend at the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama, on Feb. 26, describing it as Kingdom Story’s “boldest” undertaking yet. He recounted that Lionsgate initially responded to the subject matter by saying, “If it works, we’re going to do a ton more of this,” but “if it doesn’t, this may be your last.” “God just showed up en masse this weekend with the church … and it’s been amazing,” Erwin said. He couldn’t help believing it was God’s timing that the release of “Jesus Revolution” came on the heels of a revival breaking out at Asbury University in Kentucky last month. A similar outpouring happened in February 1970 during the heart of the Jesus movement.
Erwin’s idea for the film came from a 1971 Time magazine cover story titled “The Jesus Revolution.” It was about the last great spiritual revival in American history. In fact, the 1971 cover — along with the 1966 Time cover asking “Is God Dead?” — are seen in “Jesus Revolution” to illustrate the arc American culture made in a few short years. Kelsey Grammer stars in “Jesus Revolution” as California pastor Chuck Smith, one of the most prominent leaders of the Jesus movement. Grammer shared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” last month how he decided to take the role, seeming to suggest God’s hand may have been in it. The actor, best known for his role as psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane in “Cheers” and “Frasier,” told “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, “The truth is I was having sort of a meditative evening one night in my home, and I was up pretty late. It was about 3, 4 in the morning.”
“And I started to think, ‘I want to do something worthwhile, something that has a bigger purpose than just me.’ And I was kind of saying a prayer, I guess. And the next morning the script lands on my door. And I read it and I said, ‘OK, that’s it. I’m doing this Jesus story.’” “It’s a sign,” Fallon said. Grammer seemed to agree, saying, “It’s pretty cool.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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