Jesse Watters Obtains WH Cocaine Docs, Says Everything They Told Us Was a Lie

Jesse Watters Obtains WH Cocaine Docs, Says Everything They Told Us Was a Lie

Say what you will about Fox News’ Jesse Watters — he’s like a dog with a bone digging into stories that most other reporters won’t touch.

While the left-wing media — and the Biden administration — would like the story of the cocaine found in the White House back in July to disappear, the “Primetime” host has been persistent in uncovering the truth.

During his show on Tuesday, Watters announced that he had obtained over 100 pages of documents through a Freedom of Information Act request and explained why he believes “the Secret Service has been lying to you about everything.”

First, Watters noted the flip-flopping stories about where the cocaine was found.

“When the cocaine was first found, they said it was in the library where the first family lives,” Watters said. “Then there were reports that the cocaine was actually found outside the Situation Room.”

But the story changed again. This time, the cocaine was in a cubby in a highly trafficked basement lobby area.

“How do you mistake the library for the Situation Room and the Situation Room for the cubbies?” Watters asked.

“They say the coke was found in locker No. 50, right there in the middle,” he said as Fox displayed a photo of the wall of cubbies. “And there’s a key missing. What do you think the chances are that the Secret Service has the key?

“Because ‘Primetime’ thinks the coke may have been planted in the cubby after it was found in the library.”

Watters went on to inform his viewers that the location where the cocaine was found was redacted in the Secret Service documents.

“If the cocaine was actually first found in the cubby and they photographed it in the cubby, why would they redact that?” he asked.

To add to the confusion, according to Watters, the documents said the suspicious substance was “a white powder in a small ziplock bag on the [redacted] lobby floor.”

“What lobby floor?” Watters asked. “I thought they found the cocaine in the cubby. Well, the cubby’s not on the floor. The cubby’s on the wall.”

What’s more, Watters said the initial tests on the white powder came back positive for “opioids and amphetamines.” Only after additional tests was the substance determined to be cocaine.

“A white powdery opioid? That’s fentanyl — maybe,” Watters said. “I thought these tests were supposed to be accurate.”

But that’s not all. The host had another bombshell to drop.

“They told us they didn’t find any DNA. But the documents say they did,” he revealed.

Watters reminded his audience that the Secret Service destroyed the bag of cocaine after its “investigation.”

“But there’s more evidence that they didn’t destroy — an envelope with three tubes of DNA,” Watters said. “Where’d they get the DNA from? They got the DNA off the baggie.

“So the Secret Service lied, and so did the White House. They did find DNA on the baggie. And the DNA was processed and has been moved to an evidence vault for preservation.”

Watters said the Secret Service told “Primetime” this DNA was “secondary DNA.” When asked why it didn’t take DNA samples from suspects, the Secret Service said it would have needed a court order.

“This tells me two things,” Watters said. “The Secret Service didn’t want to crack the case, or the Secret Service knew the coke was found in the library and put it in a cubby and closed the case.”

Watters’ report points to only one conclusion — the Secret Service is hiding something.

I would say a real investigation is required, but when seemingly everyone at the highest levels of government is in on protecting the current White House resident and his family, what are the chances we are ever going to get one?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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