Jeopardy Host and Big Bang Theory Actress Slams ‘Progressive Feminists’ for Silence on Hamas Atrocities

Jeopardy Host and Big Bang Theory Actress Slams ‘Progressive Feminists’ for Silence on Hamas Atrocities

“Jeopardy” host and “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik took to social media to issue a blistering statement about the Israel-Hamas war.

Bialik, who has Jewish immigrant parents, took to X over Thanksgiving weekend and blasted the “abhorrent and conspicuous” silence regarding the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists — particularly against women.

The X post, which Bialik posted on Nov. 25, did not mince words when addressing this silence:

WARNING: The following X post contains graphic descriptions that some readers may find disturbing

“There has been an abhorrent and conspicuous absence of women’s organizations around the world unequivocally condemning the systematic rape and torture of women on October 7 by Hamas,” Bialik posted. “Brutal gang rapes, sexual torture, and murder of fetuses happened- period.

“Where are the ‘BELIEVE THEM’ voices? These crimes against women were in many cases documented by the terrorists themselves and broadcast for the world to see.

“Those of us who have fought for women’s rights and have sought to shout from the rooftops when women’s bodies are being used in war for the sadistic pleasure of perpetrators are astounded at how the world has been silent surrounding this.

“The UN (U.N. Women – the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) took 50 days to express ‘alarm’…”

Bialik ended her scathing post with a simple question: “Progressive feminists of the world: where are you?”

The “Jeopardy” host (and actress and author and neuroscientist) put up her X post exactly seven weeks after Hamas terrorists launched a bloody and barbaric invasion of Israel on Oct. 7.

That invasion has sparked a bloody war with no particular end in sight.

Perhaps speaking to Bialik’s X post, the most recent development in the war saw Israel tenuously negotiating the release of hostages being held by Hamas — hostages that definitely included at least one defiant woman (and likely many more).

But the most infamous example of Hamas atrocities committed against women in this most recent conflict is the tragic tale of Shani Louk.

The 22-year-old German-Israeli tattoo artist was one of the victims of the initial Hamas invasion.

In videos circulating online, Louk’s lifeless body was paraded around the back of a truck (with what clearly appeared to be broken legs), while leering Hamas militants sat on her. Onlookers were seen spitting on Louk’s body as the truck drove through streets.

Horrifically, Hamas terrorists reportedly tortured Louk’s mother by sending menacing messages to her from Louk’s boyfriend’s phone.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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