Jeff Bezos Gets Absolutely Humiliated by NFL Owner After Billionaire’s Paper Wrote Hit Pieces on Team – Report

You can file this under “billionaires fighting over billionaire things.” Disgraced Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, who has been accused of multiple wrongdoings, including workplace misconduct and sexual harassment, may not sell his team as originally thought. According to the New York Post, offers to buy the Commanders “fell far short” of Snyder’s $6 billion asking price. There was reportedly an offer around $5.5 billion, but again, that’s not $6 billion. Curiously, one of the few people in this world who could easily¬†afford a $6 billion price tag had been “benched” by Snyder as a prospective buyer. The benched billionaire in question? Mr. Amazon himself, Jeff Bezos. So why won’t Snyder allow Bezos to bid on his Commanders? The short version: It’s because no matter how much money one has, sometimes, you never outgrow petty high school drama. The long version: All of those aforementioned headaches that Snyder is facing (you know, the ones that are indirectly twisting his arm into selling the team) can largely be traced back to reports stemming from The Washington Post, which Bezos acquired in 2013. Or, at the very least, that’s how Snyder interprets his current quagmire. And to an extent, Snyder is not wholly incorrect in his assessment. Those reports from the Post did trigger the NFL and its fraternity of owners to pressure Snyder to sell the team. To be clear, those allegations are quite damning. They include claims of violating financial law and, even worse, “pimping out” the team’s cheerleaders. That’s not to say that Bezos looks any better here. In fact, this is a downright embarrassing situation for a man who has always been able to just throw money at a problem or future acquisition. Because Snyder, for as much as his own fans generally despise him (Snyder is one of the worst owners in pro sports, full tilt. Not only is his team perennially bad, but his stadium is largely considered the worst in football), basically just told Bezos, “NO.” And there doesn’t appear to be much that Bezos can do about it. In fact, according to The Athletic, Bank of America, which is facilitating the sale of the Commanders, had already informed Bezos that he is no longer in the running. From all indications, Bezos appears to have been given a nice slice of humble pie, and he’ll have to like it. To be sure, there are no winners here. Snyder comes off as petulant, childish and vindictive, eschewing the greater good (selling to Bezos at $6 billion would raise the value of other franchises) over personal vendettas. Worse yet, if Snyder ultimately opts not to sell, it’ll be hard to shake off the perception that he never intended to sell his moribund franchise and only offered to sell the team to buy himself some more time while these investigations are ongoing. Bezos, meanwhile, comes off looking incredibly shady. How bad of a look would it be to NFL fans, Americans and, frankly, anyone who owns anything that a mega-billionaire bought a newspaper, published damning reports on someone, then swoops in to forcibly buy the distressed asset from the target of those reports? It’s just an embarrassing situation all-around, so after filing this under “billionaires fighting over billionaire things,” feel free to launch that file into the sun. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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