James Woods Nails It with Assessment of Bizarre Rachel Levine Photo

A picture posted recently by Rachel Levine, the first “female” four-star admiral in the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Health Service, has racked up millions of views since it was brutally dissected by conservative actor James Woods. The original photo, posted by Levine on Thursday morning, was a poor attempt by him at shilling additional vaccine doses to the American people. “Now that I am 65, I followed [the CDC’s] new recommendation allowing an additional updated (bivalent) vaccine dose for adults ages 65 years and older,” Levine wrote. “This also allows more flexibility for healthcare providers to administer additional doses to immunocompromised patients as needed.” Are you ready to book your COVID booster appointment? If not, the bizarre picture Levine attached to the post isn’t likely to convince you either. At the time of this writing, the post has over two million views. This far outstrips Levine’s follower count — a number hovering just below 60,000. Levine currently has commenting blocked on the post. [firefly_poll] This heavy increase in traffic could be because of a tremendous and spontaneous interest in a cross-dressing man’s healthcare advice, but more likely it’s thanks to the comment James Woods had on the matter. “If ever one photo captured the madness of the COVID era,” Woods wrote, “might it be the leading male health officer of the United States wearing a skirt and getting injected in what appears to be a pediatric setting?” The Friday night post had surpassed two million views itself. Woods hits the nail on the head in his stark assessment of the bizarre photograph. First, Levine’s hiring came in October of 2021, well within the “COVID era.” Although Woods’ commentary is priceless, the photo truly speaks for itself. Everything in it is wrong. Levine, a 65-year-old man, sits in a skirt. Although he’s trying his hardest to appear to be a female, everyone knows there’s no woman beneath this disguise. Worse yet, the setting appears uncomfortably pediatric for an adult male acting out his mental delusions. Nothing says “safe and friendly health care environment” like a cross-dressing man surrounded by some cheap “Doc McStuffins” cutouts. One small detail Woods failed to point out seems just as indicative of this administration as anything else in the picture: a sign prohibiting photography of any kind. Clearly the rules only apply to the peasantry. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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