Jake Owen Defends Jason Aldean After Rock Star’s ‘Low Blow’ at ‘Try That in a Small Town’

Normally, when musicians squabble, it’s over copyright claims or ownership rights. But this particular fight? It actually involved a pair of musicians bickering over a song that isn’t either of theirs. Guitarist Jason Isbell and country singer Jake Owen got into a heated exchange over Jason Aldean’s polarizing song “Try That in a Small Town.” The song has been engulfed in controversy after critics accused the song of having racial undertones, which lead to Country Music Televsion pulling the song from its lineup. Isbell decided to call out Aldean Wednesday, though he appeared to have an issue with the song that had nothing to do with race. “Dare Aldean to write his next single himself. That’s what we try in my small town,” Isbell tweeted, seemingly taking issue with Aldean’s purported use of a songwriter. Isbell doubled down with “I’m challenging you [Aldean] to write a song yourself. All alone. If you’re a recording artist, make some art. I want to hear it.” Well, Owen wasn’t having any of it and decided to weigh in on what Isbell tweeted.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

“Jason, you’re always the first to get behind your keyboard and spout off with this stupid s**t,” Owen began. “In ‘my small town’ you just walk up to the guy and be a man to his face if you want the smoke… not tweet it at him…. Tough guy.” Isbell fired back and interpreted Owen’s response as saying that if you can’t overpower someone in a fight then you shouldn’t say anything. “What does that say to the people in your life who aren’t big strong boys? They just have to shut up?” Isbell questioned. Owen decided to add a few additional tweets for clarification. He stated he took issue with Isbell insinuating that you’re only an artist if you write your own music. “I’ve written a lot of songs, and recorded many of them,” he added. “I’m just a fan of songs. I don’t need to write everything in order to prove to myself or anyone that I’m a ‘real artist.'” The country star felt Isbell threw “a low blow” and that’s why he felt compelled to weigh in. The singer concluded, “In retrospect, I should of clarified from the jump, but my human emotions got in the way. I’m sure some won’t see my point, but this is my attempt at clarity.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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