Israeli Defense Force Releases Video Proving What We Knew Hamas Was Doing in Hospitals

Israeli Defense Force Releases Video Proving What We Knew Hamas Was Doing in Hospitals

Israel released a video Wednesday showing weapons and other military equipment a spokesman said were found in Gaza’s largest hospital.

The Israel Defense Forces announced the targeted raid of the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City early Wednesday morning local time.

Later in the day, IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus led a walk-through of portions of the hospital in a video posted on X.

“A few of the most interesting things that we have found totally confirm, without any doubt, that Hamas systematically uses hospitals in their military operations in violation of international law. And what we have found, I think, is only the tip of the iceberg,” Conricus said.

Shortly after entering the hospital, he noted that the security cameras were taped over, so no one could see what’s happening in the building.

The officer then went into a room where an MRI machine was located and pointed to a combatant’s grab bag he said was found behind the equipment.

It contained an AK-47 rifle, magazines and ammunition, grenades and a uniform.

In another closet in the hospital, Conricus said IDF troops found a full military kit for another fighter, complete with a uniform, grenade, magazines of ammunition, again with an AK-47.

“These weapons have absolutely no business being inside a hospital,” Conricus said. “The only reason they’re here is because Hamas put them here, because they used this place, like many other hospitals and ambulances and sensitive facilities inside the Gaza Strip for their illicit military purposes.”

The officer then went down another hallway, where there was still another military grab bag with all the standard equipment.

Conricus also showed a laptop the IDF seized that contained information indicating it belonged to Hamas, along with a tactical radio that was apparently used by the fighters.

In one hospital department, “the soldiers located an operational command centre and technological assets belonging to Hamas, indicating that the terrorist organization uses the hospital for terrorist purposes,” an Israeli military statement said, according to Reuters.

Hamas and Palestinian health officials under the group’s control denied charges that Al Shifa was used for a military command site, according to The Hill.

“How can there be a control … center in the Al-Shifa Complex,” the Palestinian Health Ministry wrote on Facebook.

“It is observed by reconnaissance aircraft around the clock, as it did not witness any confrontation during the invasion of the occupation, which reveals the false American and Israeli narrative.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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