Insane Dashcam Footage: Cops Chase SUV Plowing Recklessly Through Traffic, But No One Expected This Shocking Ending

It was a wild time in Georgia on Friday when a driver who appeared to have an issue with the concept of a traffic stop hit a police officer, two bystanders and several police cars. When the smoke of the screeching tires cleared, Sierra Hibbert of Warner Robbins, Georgia, was handcuffed and taken into custody, according to Fox News. An incident that at times resembled a demolition derby began when police were summoned to Georgia Highway 42 near Byron amid reports of a vehicle going into the oncoming lane. “It was crazy. I literally was like ‘Brent! Brent!'” said Tiffany Cox, who was driving on the highway with her husband, Brent, according to WGXA. [firefly_embed] [/firefly_embed] Drivers had tried to block the vehicle in at an intersection. Police tried to speak to the driver. Then things got ugly, as shown by a dashcam video. Police put Stop Sticks under the tires to deflate the tires — and the incident — but the vehicle lurched backward, smacked into a car behind it and then forward, hitting a witness who eventually moved out of the way to avoid serious injury. The vehicle sped away, with one flat tire, but did not get far. Police blocked in the vehicle again, but the driver backed up and sped off, hitting two police cars in the process. [firefly_poll] At one point, an officer pounds upon the front passenger’s side window, but it had no effect as the tires screeched and smoked, and the chase was on again. The chase finally ended with police blocking in the vehicle. Hibbert was removed and handcuffed. Hibbert was charged with aggravated assault, according to WMAZ-TV. As the footage ends, she tells police she did not do anything wrong. Hibbert was not alone in the vehicle. Tiffany Cox said she saw “little legs in the backseat kicking” when the vehicle passed them, WGXA reported, so they joined the chase. “Like I said when we found out there was a baby in the car, that’s the only thing my mind was set on,” Tiffany Cox said. When the chase ended, “Oh, I went full mama bear.” As the video ends, Tiffany Cox can be seen pulling the child from the vehicle. “As soon as we pulled the baby out, these women just showered her with love. I mean she picked her up, she started crying, she’s holding the baby,” Brent Cox said. Police did not release any information about the child or the relationship between Hibbert and the child. Police said no one was injured in the incident. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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