Illegal Aliens Tossing $1 Million Per Month in ‘Free Food’ While Citizens Contend with Drastic Budget Cuts

Illegal Aliens Tossing $1 Million Per Month in ‘Free Food’ While Citizens Contend with Drastic Budget Cuts

As untold billions of our taxpayer dollars are being shoveled toward free offerings for illegal border crossers, New York is finding millions in food waste also piling up.

The Big Apple spends tens of thousands of tax dollars a month for free meals to the illegals flooding the Empire State. But according to the New York Times, many of those meals are not being eaten and are ending up in the garbage.

The whole situation is another typical example of government waste. The company that is supplying the meals that end up in the garbage, medical services company DocGo, won its lucrative deal with a no-bid contract worth a whopping $432 million from the city. And they had no experience at all in food preparation and distribution, which is unfortunately an unsurprising fact.

According to the Times, DocGo is paid $33 for every migrant they provide a meal for and has roughly 4,000 illegals they are responsible for serving.

But instead of feeding people, DocGo has reported that an incredible 70,000 meals have been thrown away just between Oct. 22 and Nov. 10.

That means the company has wasted $776,000 in food just during that time alone.

Meanwhile, as DocGo and the city of New York continue to waste tons of food, one in seven Americans are struggling with food insecurity in Joe Biden’s era, according to the federal Department of Agriculture’s Household Food Insecurity Report.

The number of Americans struggling to put food on their tables rose from 10.2 percent in 2021 to 12.8 percent in 2022, an increase of 3.5 million households.

Not only is America suffering an increased rate of food insecurity in this odious Biden era, but the rate of homelessness has also exploded since Biden took office. As the Associated Press reported last week, homelessness soared 12 percent this year, a number revealing that 653,000 Americans are without a home.

It should also be remembered that this waste is coming right alongside millions in budget cuts that New York City Mayor Eric Adams is implementing which is taking resources away from New Yorkers.

City Councilwoman Gale Brewer was outraged by the food waste, especially when New Yorkers are seeing their police department, libraries, and other city services cut.

“It’s very expensive for the taxpayer,” Brewer said, according to the Times. “We’re asking for cuts while we are wasting food.”

Councilwoman Julie Won also blasted the Adams administration over this story, according to the New York Post.

“DocGo’s food waste is symptomatic of a larger systemic failure on the part of Mayoral Admin. The complete absence of oversight, accountability, quality assurance, and transparency in administering these food contracts is shocking and must be addressed immediately,” Won said.

Again, though this is all news that is less than shocking considering how inept and inefficient government is, DocGo was already being accused of mistreating the migrants in its care and is under investigation by the state attorney general, the Times reported. Again, remember this was a no-bid contract that was just handed to DocGo on a silver platter by Adams’ administration.

For its part, the company says the reporting by the media is “not accurate.”

“DocGo has continued to deliver on its contractual obligations and has ordered no more than 3 meals daily for each asylum seeker,” a representative told the Post.

“DocGo continually monitors food consumption and works to proactively identify opportunities for savings on behalf of NYC. Meal consumption currently sits at 93 percent,” the company said per the Times.

Despite the assurance, some of the media reports found that the illegals themselves are rejecting the meals because they have found the food to be cold and even in some cases given to them with mold grow on it, the reports said. Others say the food is “not healthy.”

None of this will come as a big surprise to anyone who has ever looked at government waste. Government does nothing well, except waste money. However, the difference here is that it only adds to the billions being wasted on freebies given to people who are living it up on the taxpayer’s dime after breaking our laws to come here in the first place.

Tax dollars wasted on Americans is bad enough. But tax dollars wasted on illegals is by far worse.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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