Illegal Aliens Disgruntled with Sanctuary City, So They Are Heading Back Home: ‘Nothing Here for Us’

Some illegal aliens who made the trek to Chicago from Venezuela and other places are so disillusioned with their experiences that they are headed back to their home country. Venezuelan Michael Castejon, 39, told the Chicago Tribune that he feels lied to about how he and his wife and daughter would find a better life in the United States. “The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” Castejon lamented. “There’s nothing here for us. We just want to be home.” The Venezuelan couple expected to come to this country and be handed all sorts of wonderful benefits, and they especially wanted their daughter enrolled in a free U.S. school. Instead, when they got to Chicago, they discovered that the city had been pushed to the edge, far past its ability to service the multitude of illegals arriving there. The Castejons were relegated to the floor of a police station for a while, then shunted to another temporary shelter. They also tried to go off on their own, but neither of the Castejon adults could find work that paid enough long-term to afford rent payments. And without a legal work permit, they were unable to find steady full-time jobs. Then they ended up back on the floor of another police station. While they were given many free benefits, there just wasn’t enough to afford them what they expected when they illegally crossed our border. So the Castejon family is now preparing to head back to Texas and then on to Venezuela, where they’ll be right back where they started. The Tribune discovered many families and individuals leaving Chicago behind in disappointment. Some were especially looking to leave the city before the winter weather sets in. Also, like many other illegal border crossers, Castejon is shocked that local residents are beginning to rise up to loudly oppose the tidal wave of illegals flooding the city. And with city services stretched so thin, local neighbors increasingly eyeing them with suspicion, and opportunities for work drying up, they feel that their dangerous trek northward was a waste of time. Castejon complained to the Tribune reporters that he expected to be handed many more benefits — good food, a free place to live, an easy job and quick legal status. But none of this happened. He added that he feared too many people had come to the U.S. without going through the proper channels, and American systems were overwhelmed because too many tried to grab for that brass ring. “We didn’t know things would be this hard,” he told the paper. “I thought the process was faster.” The Tribune also told similar tales of illegals leaving to go back to their home countries — or at least to try some other American city — because the freebies they expected did not come to them fast enough or with as much bounty as they expected. Jose Nauh, 22, admitted that he came to Chicago because he heard the Democrat-run “sanctuary city” gave rich benefits and quick access to hot food, free living space and access to work, whether they have a work permit or not. But the waves of illegals that got there before him depleted those benefits. And what of all the tales he was told? Turns out, “that’s not true,” he said. Indeed, as Brayan Lozano, head of the volunteer group of the Police Station Response Team at the 1st District station, told the paper, “The word of the situation in Chicago is beginning to spread” and migrants in far-off places are being warned that Chicago is no longer able to handle any more illegals. Despite that, they keep coming. Chicago has been inundated with more than 15,000 illegals just since spring, and the city just doesn’t have the facilities for them. Thousands are shunted around from makeshift shelters, to warehouses stocked with blankets, and even to the floors of police stations. Anywhere they can throw down a blanket, they are being sent by city officials who have no capacity to care for them. “How many more months of living in the streets will it take? No, no more. It’s better that I leave,” Castejon admitted. Even the far left-wing governor of the state, Democrat J.B. Pritzker, has pleaded for Joe Biden to send him hundreds of millions in federal funding to handle the border crisis. Pritzker has even taken funding away from residents to divert it to care for illegals. The whole situation could not be more of an outrage. First, that these illegals flocked here because deep-blue Democrat cities like Chicago were so loose and quick to give away billions in tax dollars to lure people who refused to go through the legal process to get here. But also by so badly mishandling them when they came here anyway that they were left cold, hungry, homeless and without hope. This is the false promise of leftism so clearly displayed. Joe Biden and his Democrats created this mess. They should be tarred with this brush.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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