Illegal Alien Praises Joe Biden after Crossing Border: ‘I Love You…Thank You for Everything’

Illegal Alien Praises Joe Biden after Crossing Border: ‘I Love You…Thank You for Everything’

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin and his camera crew on the southern border have found that few of the hundreds of military-age illegal males he encountered are genuine “asylum seekers,” and at least one thanked Joe Biden by name for inviting him here.

Melugin’s report shows that few of the millions of immigrants who are breaking our laws to come here are escaping actual oppression. Most just want to get a job, make money, and send it outside the U.S. and back to their home countries.

They are not at all interested in seeking “asylum” from troubles at home, nor are these illegals interested in becoming Americans. They are only coming here to make money and soak up any freebies that Joe Biden or the Democrat leaders out in the states will give them.

“One of our live shots in Lukeville, AZ this morning. Masses of men crossing illegally from all over the globe. Trash everywhere. Horrific stench of human feces. None of the men we’ve spoken w/ today have been ‘asylum seekers’. They tell us they want work & opportunity in US,” Melugin wrote in an X post on December 5.

In another video, Melugin showed dozens of illegals pouring through a breach in the border barrier and you can see a criminal human trafficker give the cameras a little salute after the last of them come through. Meanwhile, agents of Biden’s neutered U.S. Border Patrol did nothing to interfere.

In yet another video, something even more frightening was seen. A video shows hundreds of military-aged men — many well-dressed and who appear to be Chinese — being detained by the U.S. Border Patrol.

Melugin also came across an illegal who was profuse in his praise for Joe Biden for making it possible for countless millions to cross U.S. borders with impunity.

“I love you, Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden!” the man said, according to the Fox News reporter.

Melugin also added that he talked to two men who said they came from Africa and they are here for money, not to become Americans and not for “asylum.”

In a separate interview a day earlier, with reporter Adam Klepp of KGUN9 in Tuscon, the same described not having eaten in 24 hours and said he wanted to be taken to prison to be fed.

Clearly, Joe Biden has created a humanitarian crisis, not just for the dangers he is exposing every single American citizen to, but also for these criminal illegals who are left stranded on our border with no shelter, no food, and no support.

Tens of thousands of these people are swamping our border every few days, coming here because they think Joe Biden has thrown the door wide open and is allowing them to come here without going through the legal process.

America is a country built on immigration, certainly, but only when those immigrants come here to join our great nation, accept our ethos, and become a naturalized American in both the legal and emotional sense. But these people are only coming here for money. They think they can come here and get rich, then take all their earnings back to their real homes, with nothing but contempt for American immigration law.

Thanks, Joe Biden. For everything.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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