Hunter’s Ex Pens Op-Ed Saying She Refuses to Criticize Her Child’s Father: Why ‘Pour More Fuel on This Fire’?

Hunter’s Ex Pens Op-Ed Saying She Refuses to Criticize Her Child’s Father: Why ‘Pour More Fuel on This Fire’?

The mother of Hunter Biden’s child has finally come out in defense of her former lover.

Writing for the U.K. Daily Mail, 32-year-old Lunden Roberts explained that despite the pair previously going to court over paternity tests and child support, she now hopes that Biden and Navy Joan can enjoy a loving father-daughter relationship.

“I’m probably the last person you might expect to leap to his defense,” Roberts wrote towards the beginning of the article. “And yet that’s precisely why I’ve decided to speak out.”

“The world knows all about Hunter’s addiction issues, mostly because Hunter has been so candid about them himself,” she wrote. “Yes, he’s led a privileged life, but Hunter has also lived in the public eye with political opponents who seize upon his mistakes and use his addiction against him.”

“Honestly, I’ve had a taste of that myself, but the hurtful things that have been written about me are nothing in comparison to how Hunter has been portrayed,” she continued.

“One day soon, Navy Joan is going to be old enough to search the internet, seeing the countless newspaper articles dedicated to her father’s transgressions, and I cannot fathom how she may feel.”

“I have no desire to add to that. What kind of mom would want to pour more fuel on this fire? I’ve seen what addiction can do to people, and I think it’s cruel that Hunter has had to go through recovery with a target on his back.”


After Navy Joan was born in late 2018, Hunter denied that he was the father and eventually was forced to take a DNA test to confirm her parentage.

Biden eventually agreed to pay a whopping $20,000 per month in child support to Roberts, who is a former employee at his Rosemont Seneca consultancy firm, although he has since managed to lower these payments on account of a reported decline in income.

However, Hunter has since pledged to help father the child and provide her with a collection of his paintings.

Roberts claims that despite his documented problems with addiction, Hunter is not a “deadbeat dad” and cares deeply for his family and those around him.

“I’ve never written him off as a ‘deadbeat dad’ because I know Hunter, I’ve witnessed the kind of person he is and the love he has for his children and people in general,” she wrote.

“I can recall a time I watched him take off his Tom Ford jacket to put around a homeless boy in the street because it was snowing, then walking back in the cold in a t-shirt.”

“And I’m proud of him, too. Hunter has had the courage to admit his mistakes and learn from them,” she added. “That’s a valuable lesson for every parent to teach their child. His honesty is raising much-needed awareness that addiction is a disease that requires understanding and compassion.”

Despite Hunter’s past reluctance to accept his daughter as his own, including by denying her the right to call herself a Biden, Roberts insists that Navy Joan “adores her dad and loves his colorful artwork.”

“Navy Joan is my greatest blessing,” she concluded. “She is the most beautiful and loving daughter, and her big blue eyes are my entire world.”

“That’s why I’m 100 percent behind Hunter’s recovery and his determination to become the loving father figure that all five of his children deserve.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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