Hunter Biden Seeks Sympathy, Slams GOP for ‘Weaponization of My Addiction’ in Self-Serving Op-Ed

It was only a matter of time. Lying low didn’t take off the heat. Acting like an artist backfired. The evidence kept piling up against him. What to do? Hunter Biden is now playing the victim card. In an opinion piece in USA Today published Thursday, the son of President Joe Biden claimed he was “not a victim” and then listed a litany of grievances against the bullies he claims are weaponizing his addiction. “Over four years ago, I chose life over the slow strangle-death grip of addiction, which in my case consisted each day of a bottle of vodka and as many hits on a crack pipe as possible. I am prouder of that choice and of my recovery than anything I’ve ever done,” Biden wrote. Good for him. It’s not easy to beat a vodka/crack habit from hell. He’s lucky to be alive. The Op-Ed, however, smacks of self-serving hypocrisy. Biden quickly lumped himself in with “at least 20 million Americans” who struggle with substance abuse. “I don’t know a family that hasn’t been impacted in some way by addiction,” he opined. “What is distinct about my situation is that I’m the son of the president of the United States.” Being one of many who suffer from addiction combined with the uniqueness of being the son of President Joe Biden is a strategic move. It’s what the left calls intersectionality. The Center for Intersectional Justice defines intersectionality as “the ways in which systems of inequality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination ‘intersect’ to create unique dynamics and effects.” I wish I was kidding, but this is the world in which we live. It might seem like a stretch for Hunter Biden to play the intersectionality card, but desperate is as desperate does. Biden’s disability is addiction, and it intersects with his belonging to the elite of the elite class to produce the ultimate poor little rich boy. And those fiendish conservatives are bent on bullying the poor little rich boy’s reputation to death. “My struggles and my mistakes have been fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign against him [Joe Biden] and an all-out annihilation of my reputation through high-pitched but fruitless congressional investigations,” Biden vented in USA Today. “Fruitless congressional investigations”? In September, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability published a report on the Biden family’s influence-peddling scheme. “There is mounting evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his family’s influence peddling schemes, including while he served as Vice President,” it said. “However, Democrats and their corporate media allies continue to ignore this overwhelming evidence as they seek to distract the American people from the Biden family’s corruption.” The report lists “over 20 examples of Joe Biden’s involvement.” Hunter Biden, of course, doesn’t mention any of this. It doesn’t fit the narrative he and his handlers are trying to sell. He fails to address shady overseas business dealings and the 10 percent for the “Big Guy.” Instead, he moans about an “all-out annihilation of my reputation.” The strategy of the opinion piece is for Biden to seize the moral high ground by lecturing those who would hold him accountable. Never mind the deep state and the left-leaning mainstream media that have run cover for him for years. “What troubles me is the demonization of addiction, of human frailty, using me as its avatar and the devastating consequences it has for the millions struggling with addiction, desperate for a way out and being bombarded by the denigrating and near-constant coverage of me and my addiction on Fox News,” the president’s son wrote as if he were a preacher at a podium. Finally — and shamelessly — Biden played the go-to family tragedy card of his brother Beau’s death. “After what I have gone through since my brother died in 2015, and the perpetual public humiliation of me, I am now certain I can survive anything (except a drink or a drug),” he said. What’s missing there? Biden made no mention of sleeping with his brother’s widow. That’s the thing about leftist narratives. They thrive on half-truths and lies. They are not to be believed. They are to be reviled.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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