Hunter Biden Admits the Laptop Is His, Attempts to Sic His Dad’s DOJ on Those Who Exposed It

Just when you thought the Biden camp’s handling of the notorious “laptop from hell” belonging to wayward first son Hunter Biden couldn’t possibly take another jaw-dropping turn, it’s done just that. According to Axios, Hunter Biden’s attorneys are requesting that his father’s Department of Justice probe the people involved in releasing the contents of his laptop to the media — marking a stark deviation from the party line that it was all just “misinformation.” You cannot make this stuff up, friends. No, really — I’ve never read a novel or seen a play or film that has successfully woven a more complex web of shameless corruption and obstruction than what President Joe Biden and Hunter are suspected to have gotten up to together over the last decade alone. Here’s the latest: Attorneys for Hunter Biden have issued letters to the DOJ as well as the Delaware attorney general and the IRS requesting criminal probes into the individuals involved in disseminating the contents of the laptop. “We write on behalf of our client, Robert Hunter Biden, to request an investigation into the following individuals for whom there is considerable reason to believe violated various federal laws in accessing, copying, manipulating, and/or disseminating Mr. Biden’s personal computer data,” the letter to Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen reads. The owner of the shop where the laptop was abandoned, John Paul Mac Isaac, was named, along with former New York City mayor and former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Trump White House staffer Steve Bannon, among others. A fourth letter was issued to Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Fox’s general counsel alleging “false and defamatory statements” issued on Carlson’s primetime show. Axios noted that the letters mark the first time that Hunter Biden and his lawyers have “publicly addressed the issue of reports that his personal data was found on a laptop left at a Delaware repair shop and shared by Republican operatives before the 2020 presidential election.” The laptop, we were previously told, was Russian disinformation, while Hunter simply claimed he didn’t know if it had ever belonged to him. The contents of the laptop, which included a host of damning photos, recordings, emails and other documents implicating Joe Biden in his son’s questionable overseas business deals, were indeed shared with the New York Post by Giuliani and Bannon. The outlet subsequently published a story on the laptop just weeks before the impossibly high-stakes 2020 election — but Twitter and Facebook, before even examining the facts, worked in tandem to suppress it in one of the most stunning and chilling examples of left-wing Big Tech bias we’ve seen yet, which is really saying something. We can easily speculate that, had the story been allowed to have the organic impact such a bombshell October surprise would have had, it could have influenced the outcome of the election. To make matters worse, we have since learned that both Twitter and Facebook were in communication with the FBI to kill the story. Yet at the time, the D.C. intelligence apparatus and establishment media promptly informed us that it was a mere Russian fabrication. For his part, Hunter said he had “no idea” whether the laptop was his. “For real, I don’t know,” he told CBS News in April 2021. CBS would infamously admit over two years after the Post broke the story that the contents of the laptop were indeed real, and now Hunter Biden and his legal team appear to have done the same. That is, as they attempt to literally sic his father’s administration on the people involved in accessing and disseminating the material that so glaringly implicates the father and son in one of the biggest political scandals in our nation’s history. Are we really going to just let the narrative comfortably shift from “the laptop is fake” to “the people who revealed the contents of the laptop are crooks”? No way. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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