Hunter Asks Biden-Appointed Prosecutor to Investigate Ex-Business Partner Who Tied ‘Big Guy’ to His Business Dealings

Hunter Biden has his sights set on one of the most prescient critics of his international business dealings. An attorney for the son of President Joe Biden is asking federal prosecutors in Washington to investigate former business associate Tony Bobulinski, The Hill reported Friday. Bobulinksi is best known for speaking as a whistleblower regarding his partnership with the younger Biden. The whistleblower alleges Hunter regularly used then-Vice President Joe Biden’s name to secure favorable treatment from foreign businesses and companies. Bobulinksi described an arrangement in which 10 percent of profits from one Chinese business venture were to be reserved for “the big guy” — a title used for Joe Biden. In an Oct. 7 letter to U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell accused Bobulinksi of lying in an October 2020 interview with the FBI, according to NBC News. “Specifically, we recently received information demonstrating that numerous statements made by Mr. Bobulinski in Washington, D.C. during an interview with the FBI on October 23, 2020, concerning our client, Hunter Biden, are false,” Lowell wrote. “The materials reveal the extraordinary lengths Mr. Bobulinski and other individuals were willing to go to implicate Mr. Biden or members of his family in some false and meritless allegations of wrongdoing,” the letter said. Lowell said Bobulinksi lied about his presence at a 2017 Miami meeting between Hunter Biden and Chinese oligarch Ye Jianming. He claimed the Chinese business deal described by Bobulinski never materialized in the form of “formal business operations.” “Even in an era in which people peddle knowing lies with the goal of their falsehoods being repeated and disseminated for their political advantage, these statements by Mr. Bobulinski cannot and must not go unchecked,” the Biden attorney said. Lowell described Hunter’s former business partner as “just making things up” about the meeting and urged Graves to investigate Bobulinski for lying to a federal agent, NBC News reported. Graves, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, was nominated to the position by President Joe Biden in 2021. In response to the Lowell letter, Bobulinski offered to testify publicly before Congress, according to The Washington Free Beacon. He also said Hunter was “trying to weaponize” the Justice Department against him. “All of the allegations contained in Mr Lowell’s 10 page letter to U.S. Attorney Graves are patently false, and I look forward to exposing these lies and laying out the facts in a public forum in short order,” Bobulinski said through his attorney. “If Hunter Biden and the Biden family are so determined to ensure that the full truth is put before the American People, Hunter, Jim, Joe and I should all appear together before Congress, publicly and under oath,” he said. “They can name the date, time and place and I would certainly be willing to do that for the American people.” Hunter Biden remains engaged in his own tangle with federal prosecutors. Biden has pleaded not guilty to gun charges after a Delaware federal judge rejected the terms of a generous plea deal for tax and firearm violations, according to PBS.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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