Human Smuggler Kills Two Innocent Americans While Evading Police with Car Full of Illegals

Human Smuggler Kills Two Innocent Americans While Evading Police with Car Full of Illegals

Two American citizens driving an SUV in Batesville, Texas, just lost their lives simply because they were driving in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A human smuggler driving a vehicle full of illegal immigrants killed them, according to Bill Melugin, national correspondent for Fox News. It was a head-on collision as the smuggler raced away from police officers who were obviously pursuing the vehicle.

The Texas Department of Public Safety designated that the deaths of all eight people involved in the accident were the fault of the smuggler as they actively fled the police. The deceased Americans were from Georgia. The immigrants were from Honduras and the smuggler was from Houston, Texas.

The true tragedy within all this is that these two innocent Americans didn’t have to die. They died because President Joe Biden, the Biden administration, Democrats and every other proponent of illegal immigration continue to refuse to stop the invasion at the border.

If anyone has blood on their hands besides this smuggler and the cartels, they do. By refusing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into this country, our government has become part of the problem.

They’ve become an arm of injustice for every American citizen. Through their lack of action, they are not only condoning but they are assisting in the expansion of this disgusting trade.

They are destroying our country through the onslaught of illegal immigration, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and violence that is only going to get worse. And taxpayers are paying for all of it.

Two innocent Americans just paid in their own blood. What’s two Americans to Biden when he allowed 3.8 million illegal immigrants through our borders to take their place?

According to The New York Post, 3.8 million is the number of illegal immigrants that crossed the southern border since the president took office in 2021. They also reported that nearly half of these illegals were never caught.

That number is climbing. Called “gotaways,” the U.S. Border Patrol reported in May 2023 approximately 530,000 “gotaways” to-date. This rivals the 600,000 in total that happened in all of 2022 and the 389,000 noted in 2021.

If you think these illegal immigrants are coming out of hiding anytime soon, you are sadly mistaken. They will simply disappear and suck our nation dry while they wreak havoc on American citizens, with little to no repercussions to themselves.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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