Hillary Clinton Jumps Into Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Frenzy with a Question, Doesn’t Want to Hear the Answers

Hillary Clinton Jumps Into Trump ‘Bloodbath’ Frenzy with a Question, Doesn’t Want to Hear the Answers

Leave it to Hillary Clinton to ask a question — and make sure no answers can get through.

The former first lady is famously imperious — the Marie Antoinette who scorned supporters of 2016 presidential rival Donald Trump as “deplorables” unworthy of attention.

But jumping into the current frenzy of Trump’s “bloodbath” comment in Ohio on Saturday by posing a question on social media, while locking her account to prevent the great unwashed from replying, put the Clintonian contempt a little too much on display.

To be fair — an attribute Clinton is not known for when it comes to dealing with conservatives and Republicans — postings to her account on the social media platform X are typically locked to all but those she follows or deigns to mention, regardless of the topic.

While the reason for that is obvious — Trump is probably the only bigger lightning rod for visceral criticism — it only highlights how aloof she is from the very people she and her party claim to care so much about.

But in the “bloodbath” case, it’s even worse, since Clinton — like her brethren in the Democratic Party and the establishment media — has taken the former president’s words so far out of context as to be unrecognizable.

Many readers have probably seen the full quote by now, but as a refresher, or for those who haven’t, here’s the relevant part from Trump’s campaign speech Saturday at the Dayton International Airport:

Trump’s words were directed first at Chinese President Xi Jinping, threatening a “100 percent” tariff on Chinese automobiles built in Mexico for sale in the United States.

“Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole … That’s going to be the least of it,” he said. “It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country.”

Now, it’s regrettable that Trump didn’t finish the “bloodbath” sentence, but it’s pretty clear the elided words would be something along the lines of “the whole American auto car industry” or even “the whole manufacturing sector.”

Regardless, what the GOP presidential candidate definitely was not doing, as any halfway honest human being would admit, was calling for — or even predicting — bloodshed in American streets if the November election doesn’t go his way.


But Democrats, keenly aware that the man they’re rallying behind for re-election is trailing in the polls to a former president they’ve thrown every weapon against, have hopped on the “bloodbath” remark to try to paint Trump as some kind of warlord-in-waiting — assisted, as usual, by the prostitutes of the American press.

Hence, Hillary’s social media post — asking a question and turning it rhetorical by the simple trick of turning off responses.

Fortunately, social media commentary doesn’t depend on the whims of a Clinton, and the responses came in spades.

Some mocked her service as secretary of state in President Barack Obama’s first term — in particular her appalling dereliction of duty when it came to Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

Others slammed Clinton’s party — and the crime wave it has overseen in major American cities Democrats control.

And some were just viciously funny:

There’s no little doubt the “bloodbath” craze belongs in the establishment media Hall of Shame when it comes to unwarranted attacks on Trump, well below the insanity of Impeachment 1, the “Russia collusion” hoax and the sham of Impeachment 2 but up there with, say, the manufactured outrage over his comments at his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in 2018.


There’s even less doubt that Democrats will dodge being called to account for trying to spin a perfectly normal phrase into some kind of crazed call for chaos.

And there’s no doubt at all that Hillary Clinton is going to keep blithely offering her opinions to the American populace, absolutely unafraid of any response she might get.

She already has it tuned out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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