High School Cancels Student-Created ‘USA Day’, Calls ‘Unification’ Idea Too ‘Politicized’

High School Cancels Student-Created ‘USA Day’, Calls ‘Unification’ Idea Too ‘Politicized’

The woke administration of a Massachusetts high school has canceled its planned “USA Day” because officials say it is “too political” and not inclusive enough.

Led by principal Jamie Chisum, the administration of Wellesley High School in Wellesley decided to dump the day from its “spirit week” schedule “because it felt really different than the other themes,” Chisum said in a letter to students and parents, according to WFXT-TV Boston.

The principal tried to explain the reasoning for dropping the patriotic celebration in favor of “Fitness Friday.”

“We felt that the topic has been politicized beyond our school and we wanted to avoid politics,” Chisum wrote.

“We’ve had Mismatch Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Team Jersey Thursday and today was Fitness Friday. Monday is Monochrome Monday and Tuesday is Pajama day,” he said. “Spirit Week is intended to be a light and fun way for our students to get excited about our pep rally and Thanksgiving Day football game.”

“We acknowledge that the impact for some people has been just the opposite of our intention and that we have inadvertently politicized this activity. I am definitely sorry for any negative effect this has had on kids and families,” Chisum concluded.

Apparently, one should not be allowed to have “spirit” for the United States of America.

It is also ironic that the “USA Day” was suggested by the students. Student Olivia Spagnuolo, a member of the school’s Student Unification Program, told WFXT she was “shocked” by the administration’s outrageous move to cancel the patriotic day.

“The administration was not going to let this happen,” Spagnuolo told the station. “It wasn’t a topic for discussion.”

“They said it was not allowed because it separated people at the school,” she explained.

Many kids still wore red-white-and-blue garb on the day planned for “USA Day” anyway.

Some parents were outraged by the school’s decision to cancel America.

“I think it’s absurd,” one told WFXT. “I think it’s sad and depressing we’re at this state that celebrating the United States is political.”

Indeed, that parent is right.

Perhaps distressingly, Wellesley is a western suburb of Boston and is only minutes away from the site of the Boston Tea Party, one of the seminal moments in the formation of our country. It’s also in a state that was integral in America’s Revolutionary and founding eras.

Many woke schools have no problem with celebrating the Black Lives Matter movement or LGBT “pride.” How do these events not “separate” us all one from another?


Yet, when the students themselves tell school officials that they want a day to celebrate the whole United States — a day to bring us all together in patriotism — that, somehow, is “separating” us, the left-wing officials say.

Nearly since the first day our Founders envisioned this country, it was thought of as a place to allow all to express their political and religious ideals. While still flawed — as we errant humans are — it ideally became a “melting pot” for everyone — a beacon of freedom to the world.

But to these woke administrators, celebrating those ideals and that history is not “inclusive” enough.

Instead, we are to celebrate the Marxist theories of separating us into grievance collectives: black against white, illegal immigrant against citizen, LGBT against straight, poor against rich, and on and on it goes.

This is the way to destroy a country, not create a strong and unified one. These school administrators should be ashamed of themselves.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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