Heartbreaking: Photos Show NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s 1-Year-Old Son Reaching Toward His Father’s Casket

Heartbreaking: Photos Show NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s 1-Year-Old Son Reaching Toward His Father’s Casket

“When you fall in love with someone, you think you can’t possibly love them any more than you do right now.

“But then you get married, and you think, okay, now there’s no way I can love them any more.

“And then you have a child with them — and guess what? You love them even more. Jonathan taught me that true love has no limit.”

The love between slain New York cop Jonathan Diller and his 29-year-old wife, Stephanie, had listeners in the church and across the nation weeping alongside her as she eulogized her husband as “absolutely my soulmate,” during his funeral on Saturday.

But the most gut-wrenching moment of the funeral was the sight of Diller’s one-year-old son reaching out toward the flag-draped casket of his father as it was lowered into the hearse, according to the New York Post.

Ryan’s mother tenderly kissed his forehead, comforting the child, who will never remember how much his father loved him.

On Monday evening, Detective Jonathan Diller, 31, was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop in Far Rockaway, Queens. Diller approached a vehicle parked illegally in front of a bus stop, occupied by suspects Guy Rivera, a career criminal with 21 prior arrests, and Lindy Jones, another ex-con, according to the New York Post.

As Diller neared the vehicle, Rivera opened fire, striking Diller in the stomach below his bulletproof vest. Diller’s partner returned fire and wounded Rivera, who was found to be carrying a shiv, likely in anticipation of returning to jail again. A second illegal gun was also recovered from Jones’ vehicle. Both suspects now face murder charges in Diller’s killing.

In her eulogy, Stephanie Diller shared how much her husband always wanted to be a dad.

Speaking before a packed crowd at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church on Saturday, Stephanie remembered Jonathan as “absolutely my soulmate” and the father who relished every moment with their one-year-old son Ryan.

“Nothing compares to his best role of all, being a dad,” Stephanie said through tears. “Jonathan always wanted to be a dad. And he wasted no time being the greatest one.

“I will never forget the look on his face when our son was born. I don’t think we could ever achieve a greater happiness. He was so proud of Ryan. Every time he did something new, it was like an explosion of joy for both of us,” she said.

Stephanie recounted how Jonathan was overjoyed that Ryan’s first word was “Dada,” adding, “I would playfully try to get him to say ‘Mama’ instead. But now I never want to stop hearing Ryan say ‘Dada.'”

“I could never ask for a better partner to raise a child with than Jonathan,” Stephanie said.

“We were a team.

“He would always kiss and hug me in front of Ryan, and he said he wanted Ryan to see that his dad loves his mommy so much. And then we would pick him up between the two of us and smoosh his cheeks with kisses together.”

Stephanie spoke of the shattered dreams and stolen moments, things no spouse or child should have to endure because of a loved one’s brave service.

“It breaks my heart that Ryan was robbed to grow up with his dad,” she said of her one-year-old son. “Jonathan had so many things he wanted to teach him, like how to play ice hockey, how to drive a car, ride a bike. To watch Ryan go to his first day of school, and watching him graduate on his last.”

Stephanie said she is eternally grateful to Jonathan for making her Ryan’s mother and promised to raise him to be like his father.

“If I’m missing him, I can look at Ryan to feel close to him, because his son is just like him — always making people smile,” she said.

The palpable anger of the Diller family over this senseless and preventable loss could be heard in Stephanie’s voice.

“[Jonathan] wasn’t the type to sugar-coat anything, so I won’t sugar-coat this,” she stated firmly. “This is devastating, this is devastating, senseless and tragic loss for so many — our family, our friends, and the entire city of New York.”

During Diller’s wake on Thursday, a family member “went crazy on” New York Governor Kathy Hochul, as she attempted to pay her respects to the fallen cop, according to the New York Post.

‘We don’t want you here. You’re not wanted here. You have blood on your hands. If you want to do something, change the bail laws,” the family member reportedly told Hochul, according to a source.

Stephanie coupled her plain-spoken anguish with a powerful critique of the lack of substantive change and reform in the two years since NYPD Detectives Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were shot in January 2022 while responding to a domestic call in Harlem.

“It’s been two years and two months since Detective Rivera and Detective Mora made the ultimate sacrifice — just like my husband Jonathan Diller,” she said. “Dominique Rivera stood in front of all the elected officials present today pleading for change.

“That change never came,” she added.

“And now my son will grow up without his father, and I will grow old without my husband. And his parents have to say goodbye to their child.”

Stephanie’s gut-wrenching words are a more powerful indictment against the soft on crime policies of New York DA Alvin Bragg than any politician or court of law could render.

In 2023, Bragg downgraded 938 serious felony cases to lower-level crimes. 834 of them were reduced to misdemeanors, the Daily Mail reported.

He also declined to even prosecute 14 percent of all arrests since his election in 2022.

“How many more police officers and how many families need to make the ultimate sacrifice before we start protecting them?” Stephanie asked.

Like the blood of Abel, Stephanie’s words are echoing in the ears of New Yorkers and Americans today, crying out for justice.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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