Heart-Stopping Truth: Statins & Hypertension Drugs Are Destroying Your Health

This article was sponsored by The Wellness Company. Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death for adults in the Western world. This has led many people to turn to statins, ACE inhibitors, and beta blockers to manage cholesterol and heart health. It turns out that these so-called “wonder drugs” might be wreaking havoc on your health, leading to a multitude of horrifying consequences you never saw coming. 1. Say Goodbye to Your Memory: Did you know that statins could be stealing your memories right from under your nose? Recent studies suggest that these drugs might impair cognitive function, causing alarming memory loss and brain fog. Cholesterol is critical for the neurotransmitters — eliminating it can impair brain function. 2. Muscle Mass Massacre: Statins and beta blockers have another dark secret: They could be turning your muscles into mush. These drugs have been linked to severe muscle pain, weakness, and even a serious condition known as rhabdomyolysis, where muscle fibers break down and release toxic substances into your bloodstream. 3. Organ Damage: The function of statins is to reduce the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. It turns out that these cholesterol-lowering marvels can wreak havoc on your liver function, leading to potential liver damage. Similarly, ACE inhibitors have been linked to kidney damage. Beta-blockers have been linked to dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities. More safety data must be gathered! 4. Vitamin Deficiency Disaster: Statins can drain your body of essential vitamins. These drugs have been shown to deplete important nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which plays a vital role in energy production within your cells. ACE inhibitors have been shown to deplete the body of potassium and other key minerals. Users commonly report fatigue, muscle weakness, and increased vulnerability to illness. 5. Psychological Nightmare: There have been reports of statin and beta-blocker users experiencing depression, anxiety, and mood swings — which doctors suspect is due to changes in brain chemistry. Is risking your mental well-being worth it? It’s time to wake up and realize the grave dangers that lurk behind the curtain of common cardiovascular medications. From memory loss to muscle atrophy, liver troubles to vitamin deficiencies, and even psychological nightmares, these drugs are not as innocent as they seem. Before you get your next refill at the pharmacy, consider the fact that there are much more natural ways to address cardiovascular health. Instead of using pharmaceuticals to deprive your body of essential functions, consider combining diet, exercise, and a naturalistic solution that supplies your body with the nutrients it needs to have healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. At The Wellness Company, world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and his team designed a Healthy Heart formula to do just that. In The Wellness Company’s Healthy Heart Formula you will find:
  • D-Ribose (can improve heart function)
  • Selenium (can reduce the risk of heart disease)
  • CoQ10 (an enzyme that aids in cellular energy production)
  • Vitamin B Complex (can fortify muscles and soft tissues)
  • L-Carnitine (can boost muscle mass and metabolism)
People are saying about The Wellness Company’s Healthy Heart Formula: “After the COVID, my heart started pounding at different times and for no apparent reason. I found this and started taking it, and it has stopped those episodes. Along with Spike Recovery formula, both are helping me get my health back.” “Since I started Healthy Heart, I feel like myself again. My energy is back and I’ve been able to be more active. I feel like my prescription was sold to me as a shortcut to better health. Shortcuts don’t exist.” “I am grateful for the Wellness Company and for you coming out with product. I am a big believer in natural healing and not pharmaceutical drugs. Thank you for doing what is right and for speaking truth in a world that is so dark.” According to the Wellness Company, purchasing all the components of The Wellness Company’s Healthy Heart Formula would be $100 — you can save 41 percent with the unique formulation in The Wellness Company’s Healthy Heart Formula. Click here to order the Healthy Heart Formula today!  This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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