Harris Visits Louisiana, Cameras Catch Stunning Mistake Behind Her on Stage

Over the weekend Vice President Kamala Harris visited New Orleans, but there was one big mistake during her appearance. While Harris was speaking with actress Keke Palmer on stage at the Essence Festival of Culture at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, the screen behind her misspelled “Louisiana.” “Vice President Kamala Harris,” it read. “New Orleans Lousiana.” While many from the South pronounce Louisiana almost as if the first “I” is not there, it is a complete embarrassment that it was misspelled in this instance. While this mistake likely wasn’t Harris’ fault directly, it certainly did not add to her already tarnished public reputation. Conservative commentator Erick Erickson noted this in a tweet on Tuesday. “I couldn’t believe it was real. But it is. The name of the state is misspelled. Not the @VP’s fault, but certainly reflects the thematic idiosyncrasies of her office,” Erickson wrote. Others on Twitter mocked the mistake. Harris and Palmer chatted about abortion and the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. “This is a serious matter,” the vice president said, according to the White House transcript. “And it requires all of us to speak up, to speak out and to be active.” [firefly_poll] She called out states that embrace both pro-life and voter integrity legislation — and urged people to be resolute in fighting back. “You know, I did an analysis trying to look at the states that are attacking a woman’s right to choose and the states that are attacking voting rights, and there is an interesting intersection,” Harris said. “At least 11 states are doing both at the same time.” “Don’t be overwhelmed to the point that we are disheartened and we think that we cannot do anything about it,” she said. “It’s the nature of it that these gains will not be permanent, so we must be vigilant and we must remember we’re always going to have to fight to maintain these rights.” [firefly_embed] [/firefly_embed] While Harris was ranting about rights and making promises about advocacy, a massive spelling error behind her represented an insult to much of her audience. That is simply embarrassing to her and to the office she holds. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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