Harmeet Dhillon Reveals Moment She Was Almost Killed by an Illegal Immigrant

Harmeet Dhillon Reveals Moment She Was Almost Killed by an Illegal Immigrant

Marxist Democrats have distorted the very concept of compassion and then weaponized it against U.S. citizens and legal immigrants alike.

After all, no other tactic could have compelled law-abiding Americans to tolerate illegal immigration for as long as they have.

In a Thursday post on the social media platform X, conservative lawyer and Republican Party official Harmeet Dhillon described her near-fatal collision with an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

“An illegal alien totaled my car in 2007 while making an illegal left turn into oncoming traffic. He fled the scene,” Dhillon began.

What happened next showed how distorted compassion, commonly called “tolerance,” has trained many Americans to censor their behavior.

“After he was apprehended a few blocks away, SFPD was reluctant to arrest him because … he was illegal. I insisted, and they gave him a ticket. He disappeared,” she wrote.

In other words, law enforcement officers in San Francisco suppressed their sense of duty to enforce the law, according to Dhillon.

That kind of reaction — “I cannot arrest him because he entered the country illegally” — inverts every known concept of justice. It does not occur to us naturally. Thus, it can only enter an officer’s mind after decades of “tolerance” propaganda.

Indeed, Dhillon’s post reminded readers how long Americans have endured lawlessness.

“I was left with a destroyed vehicle, back and neck pain, and months of physical therapy and time out of work. This is all BEFORE California became a sanctuary state,” she wrote.

Dhillon, who serves on the Republican National Committee for California, knew exactly whom to blame for the recent surge in violent and fatal incidents involving illegal immigrants across the nation.

“The current open border situation has brought this lawless horror show to the whole country, courtesy of Joe Biden and his merry band of Marxist supporters,” she wrote.

President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, of course, have encouraged the ongoing invasion across the nation’s southern border. American freedom and security, therefore, depend on their defeat in this fall’s elections.

“Americans have to decide if we want this anarchy and lawlessness to be our new way of life, or not? The choice is very clear!” Dhillon concluded.

Not long ago, Republicans and Democrats argued over issues such as taxation and government spending. In those days, as foolish as Democrats often sounded, at least the two sides debated how best to serve Americans.

After all, the country belongs to U.S. citizens. Sovereignty resides in them, which means federal officials possess no power except directly from the people through their Constitution.

Today, however, Democratic leaders have taken a morally and constitutionally indefensible position. Illegal immigration does not benefit the sovereign American people in any way. One literally cannot make an argument for it on the grounds that it helps the people who already live here.

Thus, only by distorting and weaponizing compassion can Democrats persuade Americans to remain passive under invasion.

Since “tolerance” has emerged as our highest pretended virtue, anything goes. If the lawbreakers happen to have darker skin, then shame on you for noticing their crimes.

In fact, not even darker-skinned U.S. citizens or legal immigrants may notice such things, lest they promote “white supremacy.”

Often without knowing it, Americans have absorbed that kind of propaganda from every available source of entertainment, information and opinion. And they have adjusted their behavior accordingly.

In short, the kind of self-censorship exhibited by those San Francisco police officers has made possible the Marxist takeover of America.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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