Hannity Has Mic Drop Moment with 3 Words as Lori Lightfoot Loses Election: ‘Sorry… I Couldn’t Resist’

Sean Hannity hilariously revived the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan on his eponymous Fox News show on Tuesday, but not for the reason one might expect. The phrase has been in circulation since 2021 when sports fans began filling stadiums with chants of “F*** Joe Biden!” An NBC Sports reporter, interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown live on-air, misheard one such spontaneous chant at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama as “Let’s Go Brandon.” She gifted the world a way to express its collective disapproval of President Joe Biden with a less vulgar political slogan and something that for a while was an inside joke of sorts among conservatives. Its usage has been less prevalent as of late, but Hannity brought it back to life as he watched the votes come in on Tuesday in the Chicago mayoral election. Historically inept Mayor Lori Lightfoot was among nine candidates vying for the office. The rules stipulate that if no one candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, the two candidates with the most votes advance to a runoff. At the time of Hannity’s broadcast, Lightfoot was in third place, trailing candidates Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson. Vallas was way ahead of both Lightfoot and Johnson. But the incumbent was fewer than 4 points behind Johnson and at the time appeared dangerously close to still being in contention for a second term. [firefly_poll] As he rooted for the likely end of Lightfoot’s political career, Hannity couldn’t help himself. “Right now, she’s in position No. 3,” the host explained. “So we’ve got to pull for Brandon Johnson.” Hannity smiled as he quipped, “Let’s go Brandon.” His studio audience enjoyed the zinger, and the host playfully said, “Sorry, it was right there on the tee. I couldn’t resist.” Lightfoot went on to concede the race, and Johnson and Vallas will face off on April 4. America’s third-most populous city was able to rid itself of Lightfoot and her brand of mismanagement. And Hannity was able to enjoy the moment and share a laugh at the expense of the president. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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