Hamas Militant Assumes Top Post After Predecessor Killed by IDF, But Tenure Is Violently Cut Short Just Days Later

Hamas Militant Assumes Top Post After Predecessor Killed by IDF, But Tenure Is Violently Cut Short Just Days Later

Just days after the Israel Defense Forces killed a Hamas battalion commander, his replacement was exterminated in rapid succession.

“ELIMINATED: Emad Krikae—commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion,” the IDF wrote Sunday on X.

“After the elimination of the previous commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion, Krikae assumed the position,” the Israeli military’s post said.

“Previously, he was Deputy Commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya Battalion and responsible for anti-tank missile training in the Gaza City Brigade,” it said.

The Hamas leader learned the hard way that your days are numbered when you’re the top dog of a terrorist battalion.

Just last week, Krikae’s predecessor, Haitham Khuwajari, was eliminated by an IDF fighter jet outside of Gaza City, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The IDF vowed to locate and eliminate every Hamas commander in the ongoing war.

“IDF ground, air and naval troops continue operations targeting and eliminating terrorists, their commanders and any Hamas operatives until we meet our goals—to eliminate Hamas and bring the hostages home,” the force wrote on X.

It has been two months since the latest war erupted in the Middle East, and there’s no sign the conflict will end anytime soon.

Tellingly, the Oct. 7 siege by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists occurred just three weeks after President Joe Biden unfroze $6 billion of Iran’s assets as part of a lopsided prisoner-exchange deal that critics warned would incite violence.

Hamas, the militant Islamist group that has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007, claims it’s fighting to liberate Palestinians from unlawful Israeli occupation.

When former President Donald Trump was in the Oval Office, there were no new foreign wars and the U.S. economy was thriving — until the pandemic erupted.


Just three years later, the Mideast is on fire, war is raging in Ukraine and the United States is under daily invasion by unvetted armies of illegal aliens.

The U.S. and the world are increasingly unstable under the current regime, and we’re now inching ever closer to World War III.

In short, President Joe Biden’s tenure has been an unmitigated disaster — both for this country and for the world at large.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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