Hamas Co-Founder’s Son Declares Group ‘Nazis’, Says ‘Civilians Who Choose to Be with Hamas’ and Die ‘Not Israel’s Fault’

A son of the man who co-founded Hamas says it must be wiped out to establish a foundation for peace. “Hamas started this war. We’re talking about [an] organization that does not regard human life,” Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef, told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo in an interview Thursday. “Hamas organization is a barbaric organization, and we have to remove them from power, whatever it takes,” Yousef said. He had a message for those concerned about the toll of Israel’s attacks in Gaza. “This is war. We have to accept it. And Hamas started this war,” he said. “We’re talking about [an] organization that does not regard human life And this is not their first war against Israel,” Yousef said. “We have previous wars where they initiated the war against Israel, and the world and the global public bent so fast, and we begged for a cease-fire in the past three wars against Hamas, and Israel had to submit to the public opinion, and we did not finish them in the previous three wars. “Every time, they came back stronger.” Yousef a cease-fire is not the answer because “the job is unfinished.” “This problem has been going on for 35 years. This is Hamas, and they have been trying so hard to annihilate the state of Israel, risking the Palestinian lives and risking the civilians in the entire region,” he told Cuomo. Yousef said there is a line of belief connecting Hamas with Nazi Germany.
“Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel, anti-life is what was in common between this type of people and the Nazis,” he said. “Yeah, because the Nazis, about 100 years ago, it was a point of view. And soon later, they were gassing people in chambers. So today we have a very similar situation. We have a Nazi group. We saw what they did on Oct. 7. And they are hiding behind children and women,” he said. Yousef said civilians in Gaza had the chance to avoid the war but stayed to support Hamas. “They’re still giving shelter to Hamas. You know why? Because they are partnering with Hamas. And in this case, Israel is not responsible for any harm that happens to this,” he said. Later in the interview, he said the blame should be placed where it belongs, according to Mediaite. “Before we blame Israel, let me tell you something. If these civilians choose to be with Hamas, then if they die with Hamas, it’s not Israel’s fault,” he said. Yousef, who has worked for Israel’s intelligence service, said international protests aimed at Israel are focusing on the wrong target, according to the New York Post. “Look, instead of blaming Israel, they should be protesting against the United Nations and against the Egyptian government and other governments who are closing the border,” he said, suggesting that those attacking Israel might “have a problem with Israel.” [firefly_poll] “Do they have a problem with the Jewish people?” Yousef said. “Is it about jealousy? Why are they inflicting emotional pain on the Jewish people as they mourn a modern-day Holocaust?” He said stopping the war too soon would be a mistake. “A premature cease-fire today will lead to more violence, certainly to more violence. If we don’t eradicate Hamas now, whatever it takes, even if civilians will die. If we don’t do this today, this time, this war, now. Tomorrow, the violence will be much greater than this,” Yousef said.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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