Haitian Arrested for Allegedly Raping Disabled Girl, 15, Is Reportedly Part of Biden’s Special Haitian Parole Program

Haitian Arrested for Allegedly Raping Disabled Girl, 15, Is Reportedly Part of Biden’s Special Haitian Parole Program

Hot on the heels of the death of Laken Riley, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, it seems another beneficiary of Joe Biden’s disastrous immigration policies has attacked yet another innocent.

This time, the alleged perpetrator is one Cory Alvarez, a Haitian migrant, who is accused of raping a 15-year-old disabled girl.

According to a story in local news outlet WBZ News, the incident occurred in Alvarez’s hotel room in the Comfort Inn in Rockland, Massachusetts.

The police received the 911 call from the hotel’s front desk, after a translator helped the girl, who spoke only French Creole, tell the front desk what happened to her.

The Boston Globe tells us that this hotel has been used to house migrants since the fall, with both the girl and Alvarez being among those migrants.

The girl told the police that she had gone into Alvarez’s room for some help with an app on her tablet when the attack occurred, and, as of now, Alvarez is being held without bail.

Now the real question is, what was Alvarez doing in this shelter, if, as the Globe tells us, Gov. Maura Healey’s office claims that all migrants go through sex offender screening?

Well, Bill Melugin, national correspondent for Fox News, took to the social media platform X with the answer.

Melugin informs the good people of X that Alvarez came to the U.S. via the Biden administration’s parole program, a program that flew him in to JFK Airport from New York direct from Haiti back in 2023.

Now the operative word is “parole” — you only need parole if you’re a prisoner.

And generally speaking, you’re only a prisoner if you committed a crime.

Moreover, Melugin tells us, this program has enabled hundreds of thousands of migrants from Columbia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti to come over the border through this program, after being vetted and getting a stateside sponsor.

Alvarez, for instance, was allegedly able to partake of this program thanks to a sponsor in New Jersey.

The logic, such as it is, behind this policy is that it will reduce the number of crossings across the border by flying immigrants directly into the country (a move that fundamentally misunderstands people’s concerns about illegal border crossings), and giving them two-year  “humanitarian parole grants” to begin their lives in the U.S.

To the masterminds behind this policy in the Biden adminstration, if you were trying to provide a “lawful pathway” to citizenship, as Melugin says, we can say for certain you’ve failed.

Despite having a sponsor, despite supposedly getting vetted by the U.S. and screened for sex offenses by Massachusetts, Biden’s policies allowed a sex offender close contact with vulnerable teenagers and children, with appalling and heartbreaking consequences.

So, while Alvarez had a passport and at least quasi-legal status, in contrast to Laken Riley’s alleged murderer, the point is that the U.S. should not be a sanctuary for just anyone.

Who we should allow in are the best, brightest, and most upstanding.

We’re dealing with enough lawlessness and criminality as it is, we don’t need to import more.

In cases where we have to take in refugees from disaster areas, we should isolate them in special, secured housing or not accept them.

Accepting security risks and then throwing them into our general population is outrageous and proves the lie that Democrats have the (poor) people’s best interests in mind.

It’s not the rich who get victimized by these people — it’s the poor and middle class and, in this case, allegedly a disabled teen.

This is not just a tragedy, this is an outrage.

And the blame for it lies squarely on Biden’s shoulders.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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