Gross Video: Dozens Rifle Through Dumpster for Free Food in Liberal Enclave

In perhaps the most searing indictment of President Joe Biden’s America to date, a viral video has shown just how far the president has let this country fall — and how desperate Americans are getting in this economic climate. As reported by KTBC in Austin, Texas, a viral video has shown local residents literally going dumpster diving to salvage perishable food that had been thrown out. The video began making the rounds on social media, and you can check it out for yourself below: As you can see above, residents were observed raiding the dumpster of an H-E-B grocery store in south Austin in a scene that should sit uncomfortably with any red-blooded American. This sort of clip is the kind of video you would expect from an impoverished, socialist country — not the United States of America. According to KTBC, H-E-B employees had to throw out meat and other perishable goods due to a power outage at the store. All it took was someone to post on social media that there was “free” food at the H-E-B, and it didn’t take long for the mob to materialize. Travis County Precinct 4 Constable George Morales told KTBC that more than 250 people showed up and “fought over” the questionable groceries. Morales also added that “if you, or anyone you know, picked up these groceries, throw them out. They are not safe to eat.” But whether those groceries are safe for consumption is almost irrelevant to the key takeaway here: Joe Biden’s America has gotten so expensive that everyday Americans are resorting to literal looting, in dumpsters no less, to make ends meet. That’s a far cry from the bustling economy under President Donald Trump that was in place in the U.S. before the coronavirus pandemic derailed things. It’s hardly a secret why the U.S. is in the shape that it’s in: Biden’s horrendous policy-making that appears to put nebulous far-left causes ahead of the tangible needs of everyday Americans. Whether you want to lambaste Biden’s reckless spending, both on policy and his payroll or his asinine “green” initiatives, it’s all fair game. Biden, to give him the slimmest bit of credit, didn’t just appear and ruin things with a flip of a switch. No, this has been death by a thousand cuts, and everyday Americans are feeling the brunt, while haughty elites like Biden and his family enjoy the excesses of wealth. It’s worth pointing out that this is taking place in Austin, a deep blue enclave of liberalism in the generally red territory of Texas. Austin might be the seat of the state government, but its culture and politics are regularly at odds with the government of the state. So, to state the obvious, the ones dumpster diving are not completely in the clear here. Yes, this is the end result of Biden’s wildly inflationary policies, but look at the video again. Sorry, but if you can afford a smart phone, you can afford groceries. Opting to go dumpster diving instead of getting rid of your phone is peak material worship, a hallmark of secular culture. Any way you cut it, it’s sad. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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