Greg Gutfeld Stares Down Camera in Brutal Takedown of Joe Biden: ‘We’ve Had Enough’

Greg Gutfeld Stares Down Camera in Brutal Takedown of Joe Biden: ‘We’ve Had Enough’

We’ve gotten so used to media pundits parroting talking points sent down from the corporate office that it’s a refreshing change when a host is candid.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has been on the money lately, telling it like it is without worrying about potential repercussions.

On Tuesday, Gutfeld torched President Joe Biden after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Washington, urging lawmakers to send additional economic aid to his country amid its ongoing war with Russia.

During a joint news conference with Zelenskyy, Biden accused Republicans of “holding Ukraine funding hostage” to advance border security — or, as he put it, “an extreme Republican partisan agenda.”

“History will judge harshly those who turn their back on freedom’s cause,” Biden said.

On “The Five,” Gutfeld responded to Biden’s comments, saying, “If I were a cynical person, I’d think America is a business and the business is war.”

“That was about as persuasive as a sandpaper jockstrap,” Gutfeld said of Biden’s remarks. “It’s just embarrassing — to have the gall to, like, insult people who put America first.”

“The Ukraine border matters more than our border?” he asked incredulously.

Gutfeld pointed out that we have “thousands of people dying from drugs coming across the border.”

“But that’s not important,” he said sarcastically. “What’s important is [Ukraine’s] border.”

Gutfeld noted that this war was “totally preventable,” but now people are considered “almost … unpatriotic” if they question it at all.

“It goes back and forth, and as long as it goes back and forth, it just keeps going,” he said. “We’ve had enough.”

“Biden says history will judge us harshly?” Gutfeld asked, looking straight at the camera. “It will judge you harshly.”

Gutfeld made an important point: With millions of illegal migrants streaming across our open southern border, fueling misery and crime, Democrats seem far more concerned about a border thousands of miles away.

While Biden talks about Ukraine’s fight for freedom, the reality is Americans have never felt less free. The economy is struggling, and we are facing massive domestic challenges that the $200 million Biden just gave to Zelenskyy could be going toward.

No one knows how long this war will last and how long we will have to keep funding it.

The only sure winners are the defense contractors and lobbyists who would be happy to keep it going forever.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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