Greg Abbott Warns Biden He’s Walking Right Into the ‘Biggest’ Blunder in Border Battle with Texas

Greg Abbott Warns Biden He’s Walking Right Into the ‘Biggest’ Blunder in Border Battle with Texas

Blundering Joe Biden appears to have gotten himself in another pickle. He’s pushed himself into a corner concerning the invasion at the southern border crisis and the standoff with Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.

Some Texas Democrats, such as Beto O’Rourke, the former congressman and Democratic nominee for Texas governor, are calling on Biden to take control of the Texas National Guard if Abbott continues construction at the border, according to Spectrum News.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News on Monday, Abbott said it would be a whopper of a “political blunder” if President Biden were to nationalize the Texas National Guard.

“This is the No. 1 issue in America. Americans want a secure border. If Joe Biden federalizes our National Guard, that would be the biggest political blunder that he could make, and that’s why I think he will not do it,” Abbott said.

“That said, of course, I am prepared in the event that they do make such a blunder to make sure that Texas will be able to continue to secure our border,” he continued.

Abbott just doesn’t think that Biden has the gumption to make the move, according to The Hill. He said he would be “shocked” if Biden were to federalize the state’s National Guard.

But Biden may see Abbott’s incredulousness as a challenge, an adolescent version of a double dog dare.

If Biden does nationalize the Texas National Guard, Abbott said he is prepared.

“Well, first, I’d be shocked. That would be a boneheaded move on his part, a total disaster,” Abbott told Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Uncensored.”

In the event it all goes south and the Biden administration does something stupid, Abbott has “other armed law enforcement personnel standing guard on the border,” according to an X post by conservative commentator Charlie Kirk. “He also confirms other reinforcements are coming from other states.”

“For one, as you might imagine, we are prepared in the event that that unlikely event does occur to make sure that we will be able to continue exactly what we’ve been doing over the past month, and that is building these barriers,” Abbott stated.

Republican governors from numerous states are backing Abbott’s standoff with the feds. In the interview with Sean Hannity, Abbott thanked the governors and said, “Half of America now is standing against the Biden administration.”

Abbott has long maintained that the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard at the border serve as part of the state’s constitutional authority to defend itself against invasion.

“So, Texas has every constitutional right in this case, and I believe, when the sun sets on this, Texas will be vindicated, and the Constitution will be strengthened,” Abbott said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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