‘Green’ Activists Glue Hands to Floor, Realize They’ve Made a Bad Decision When Car Co Won’t Supply Bowls

The climate change activist crowd seems to be getting bolder by the day. According to Australia’s News.com.au, recently, at the Porsche pavilion floor at Volkswagen’s Autostadt, located in Wolfsburg, Germany, a group of climate change activists — some of them from a group called Scientist Rebellion — seemingly felt the best way to pressure the government “to decarbonize the German transport sector” was to glue themselves to the showroom floor. The climate protesters who glued themselves to the floor eventually realized that they needed to use the restroom. They were appalled to discover that Volkswagen officials reportedly wouldn’t provide bowls “to urinate and defecate” in. The activist group also announced a hunger strike to bolster the seriousness of the protest. “[Nine] of us glued to the floor and some of us on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonise the German transport sector are met,” Gianluca Grimalda, a researcher with the Kiel Institute and a member of Scientist Rebellion wrote on Twitter. In another tweet, which shows some of the climate protesters glued to the floor around one of the cars in the showroom, it was stated that not only were the activists not provided with bathroom bowls, but they added that the heat had been turned off. The activist group also bragged that members glued climate change-related scientific papers all over the showroom, including on what appear to likely be very expensive new vehicles. Grimalda, in one of the videos posted to Twitter, proclaimed that CO2 gasses are directly linked to warming temperatures and demanded that “decarbonization” should be a top priority for the German government. “We know that we must decarbonize. The standard net-zero [emissions] by 2050, which also Volkswagon complies with, we know that will bring many millions of people dying. We know that for sure,” Grimalda said. As far as what happened with the bathroom situation, it was not disclosed when or how the climate activist group relieved themselves, most fortunately. The incident came in the wake of several recent dramatic climate change protests, including one that resulted in the attempted destruction of a priceless Vincent van Gogh painting at the National Gallery in London, Fox News reported. Two climate protesters, representing a group called Just Stop Oil, tossed two cans of tomato soup on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting. The two were arrested by London Metropolitan Police “on suspicion of criminal damage and aggravated trespass.” Some believe that negative press is better than no press, but what these nutjob climate activists have done — trying to destroy classic works of art and disrupting regular business by gluing themselves to the floor, among other disruptive events — only garners embarrassment and intense backlash, which greatly diminishes their cause. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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