Gov. Newsom Roasted for What He Did During Trip to Communist China

It should go without saying that China is not America’s friend. That fact is made all the worse by the untold influence that China wields in the shadows. It’s the kind of influence that ensnares so much of Western entertainment, from movies to comic books to sports. Given all that and more, it’s worth asking why Western leaders insist on kowtowing to Beijing. Take the greasy (literally — have you seen his hair?) Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom, for instance. Instead of doing things like, you know, governing California, Newsom saw fit to take a trip to China for some shameless pandering and photo ops with President Xi Jinping. Two of the issues discussed by Newsom and Xi on Wednesday, according to KTTV-TV reporter Elex Michaelson, were climate change and fentanyl abuse. If you had any doubts about Newsom’s shamelessness, look no further than those two purported reasons for his ballyhooed visit. Climate change? Wouldn’t you know it, China is the world’s most prolific polluter. [firefly_poll] And fentanyl abuse? There’s ample evidence suggesting China has had a direct hand in America’s ongoing opioid crisis. But of course, because of that aforementioned influence, American leaders are all too happy to lick Xi’s boots, no matter how nonsensical that is. The kicker to all of this, however, was when Newsom visited the Great Wall of China, describing it as “epic.” If you’ll recall, Newsom has been one of the most vocal open border advocates in the country, turning California into a giant “sanctuary state” and vilifying those who dare concern themselves with securing America’s border. The Great Wall of China? It was meant to keep Mongol invaders out of the country — which sounds an awful lot like ancient Chinese officials cared about securing their own border. Sadly, this kind of rank hypocrisy is hardly new. It’s sad, pathetic and gross, to be sure, but not surprising. What is a little surprising, however, is the way Democrats are blatantly parading Newsom around as a possible candidate to replace President Joe Biden in 2024. If that is the plan, the Democrats are doing an awful job of hiding their intentions, given these suspiciously presidential trips to meet with world leaders and debates with actual presidential candidates. Whatever the case, Newsom is doing a lousy job putting Californians first, and people are noticing. Given the cost of living in California right now, can you blame his constituents for being mad? And given the way China’s made it clear that it wants to unseat the U.S. as the dominant world superpower, can you blame other Americans for feeling similarly angry? No, you can’t blame — Gavin Newsom is simply that contemptible.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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