GOP Rep Takes Video in Middle of Wind Farm, Demolishes the Left’s Renewable Energy Narrative

GOP Rep Takes Video in Middle of Wind Farm, Demolishes the Left’s Renewable Energy Narrative

Where is the rationale for saving a planet when you are making it impossible to live on it by those you are saving it for? The aggressive nature of the climate agenda has no common sense attached.

I don’t know one person who doesn’t want to add to the survival and livability of the earth. Reality speaks, however, on green energy, the Biden administration has put the cart before the horse. And soon that will be our only mode of transportation if they have their way.

I say this humorously, but truthfully, we aren’t too far off. In a recent video shared by Rep. Matt Rosendale, a Montana Republican, he showed us the realities of wind energy in extreme temperatures.

As he walked along the outer perimeters of a wind turbine farm in Judith Gap, in central Montana, in negative-30 degree weather, Rosendale offered footage of what happens to wind turbines in this type of cold. They stop working. Not one turns.

“My house still needs heat today,” the congressman said.

For those who rely on these wind turbines to work in order to heat their homes, forced reliance equates with death.

“When it’s 30 degrees below zero, wind turbines don’t turn, folks,” Rosendale said.

People will freeze to death. I guess that is the sacrifice Biden and his climate czars expect Americans to make in order to ensure the planet survives an extra year or two. Of course, Americans may no longer be around to see it.

China will. According to the website statista, “China has been the largest coal polluter worldwide since 1990.”

China is first in the number of operational coal power plants worldwide to date — 1,142 on mainland China alone. In other words, “China accounts for over 50 percent of total global coal electricity generation.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping doesn’t care about polluting the world’s air so long as his people stay warm and China continues to march forward. At the same time, reliance for Americans upon this energy remains consistent despite all efforts to prevent the United States from relying on our own resources.

Through his video, Rosendale clearly places this in perspective. He isn’t content on allowing the lunacy to continue only to put American lives in harms’ way.

“It’s -30 degrees here in MT at the wind farm in Judith Gap this morning, and not a single wind turbine is turning,” said Rep. Rosendale. “Coal, oil, and natural gas are necessary now and for the foreseeable future to supply our base load electric needs!”

In other words, “Drill, baby, drill,” as Trump put it at a 2022 town hall.

Where the Biden energy agenda has become so outlandish that it has “emboldened the International Energy Agency and some private sector analysts to start talking about the likelihood of ‘peak oil’ demand before 2030,” according to the U.K. Telegraph, Trump will undoubtedly reverse course to the degree he needs to for stabilization and economic expansion in the United States.

Since climate has become a factor in the culture war around the world, notwithstanding in our own country, the misleading element between the left and the right is that the right doesn’t care anything about it, that we aren’t in agreement that the planet means something to all of us. The true difference is the reality factored in.

According to Politico, Utah Congressman John Curtis, a Republican, agrees with Rosendale and states, “Republicans have solutions to reduce world emissions while providing affordable, reliable, and clean energy to our allies across the globe.”

In other words, we also want to do our part but we still have to live as we are doing it.

The road to increasing green energy isn’t black or white. The lengths the Biden administration demands are simply premature and dangerous. They are also fostering an unnecessary divide while playing on the naive and well-intentioned people, the same ones who have no idea why their electric vehicles won’t drive as far in cold temperatures (if they can be driven at all).

Speculating that most who purchased electric vehicles probably didn’t take mechanics class in high school, they undoubtedly joined dozens of Tesla vehicle owners who abandoned their vehicles at the Tesla supercharging station in Oak Brook, Illinois. Rather than freeze to death, each driver walked away, undoubtedly frustrated and having learned the hard way why political representatives like Rosendale and Curtis aren’t hopping on board with the climate activists invading our government willy-nilly.

They can’t. And they are saving Americans’ lives and the United States overall because they won’t.

“I’d say it’s pretty necessary to have energy on a day like this so you can keep your home heated,” Rosendale said in the video.

It isn’t the green agenda that is representing the best interests of U.S. citizens but the responsible agenda, the one that refuses to stick its head in the sand as it pushes the green button. Enacting future sources of energy is simply a methodical, evolving process we just can’t get around. Quickening it beyond reality and capacity will only end up delaying its fruition.

Reliable energy is where we need to be currently. And Rosendale did a great job of showing all Americans the truth in his video.

Sometimes you simply need to see it to believe.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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